Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Closing out the 2011 Book Reviews

In the year 2011 I believe I attempted to read 70 books. 3 I just couldn't make it through so that leaves me with a grand total of 67 books for 2011. I'm not gonna lie...that's a lot. Like super nerd level. That's more than a book a week. If you quiz me on any of them...I probably can't tell you much about them, because that's how my mind works, but I enjoyed them while they lasted and I have the reviews on the blog to remind me! I don't think I'll make a resolution to read more this year. I think 67 is a good number and less or more would be great numbers too. Here are reviews for the last 2 I read in 2011.

Unbroken was a hard book to make it through but I did. It was the pick for book club and if it hadn't been I'm not sure I could've finished it. I've read books in the era of WWII before but I think this was the first book directly ABOUT the war, and it was very disturbing...as a book about war should be I guess. It's the true story of Louis Zamperini and his amazing will to survive despite a plane crash and years of torture and starvation in POW camps. He really led a "larger than life" type of life and it reminded me of the father in the movie Big Fish at times. The ending was all about forgiveness and how he was able to face the people who imprisoned him and that was a nice message that made it worthwhile to read but overall I was just disturbed by it. Knowing it's reality and it's what thousands of people went through (including people in my family) from our country and many other countries is just sad to me. Maybe it should make me more appreciative of people's sacrifices, but ultimately it just makes me sad for man kind to read about it all. I guess I give it a 5, but I really can't recommend it unless you like war stories.

I am Half Sick of Shadows was the 4th Flavia de Luce novel I've read and I've gotta say...I'm losing my interest in the series, but not in her! I wish more was revealed about her mother and her family and I'm not sure the author plans on doing that. I hope he does though. (fun fact: the author lives on Malta. I wish I'd known that when we were there...I might've looked him up. It's a small place ya know.) She is still my favorite 11 year old chemist/murder mystery solver but I don't know if I'll be chomping at the bit to read the 5th one...but I probably will anyway. I give it a 6. I recommend it if you liked the other Flavia books! On an unrelated note...I do really like the artwork on all the covers of the series.

What are you reading? I'm currently in the middle (more like beginning...it's 700+ pages) of the Fountainhead. So far I like it but I'm pretty sure the deep philosophical parts are lost on me. I have lots on my list to read this year. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!! Happy reading in in 2012!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading Uncharted by Angela Hunt but I've just started it so I can't rate it yet. I just finished Lost December by Richard Paul Evans and I like it.

Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. It's the book for our book club, and I'm enjoying it so far.


JanaGriffis said...

The deep philosophical part of The Fountainhead was lost on me too for the most part but I still REALLY enjoyed the book.

I've been reading The Hunger Games series. I'm currently on the last book and I recommend them to anyone. They were originally written for young adults so it's a pretty easy read but they are so good and frustrating. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I Just started Death Comes to Pemberley because I can't stand to NOT read all things Pride & Prejudice! Over Winter Break I read Wildwood, the new YA novel by the Decembrists singer Colin Meloy--it takes place in Portland and I must say I loved it, but I would be hard pressed to say anything bad about ANYTHING associated with The Decembrists! Come to Oregon this summer and lets have book club by the lake = )

Leslie said...

reading Leaving the Saints. v.interesting.

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