Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cuz It Make Youz Smarter

Lately, I've been keeping track of words I don't know when I'm reading. Sometimes (if Ryan is beside me and already on the computer) I make him look it up for me immediately. But usually I just write it down and look it up long after the fact and a few seconds before I type this out. Hey, don't judge, I'm still learning! I just use my 2nd grade context clues skills to figure out the word's meaning until I have a dictionary (google) handy. Here are the latest new words in no particular order...

  • obstreperous--1. marked by unruly or aggressive nosiness 2.stubbornly resistant to control
  • anodyne--1. serving to alleviate pain 2. not likely to offend or arouse tensions
  • strafing--to rake with fire at close range and especially with machine gun fire from low flying aircraft
  • prognostication--1. an indication in advance 2. an act of prognosticating
  • antipode---the exact opposite or contrary
  • opprobrium--1. something that brings disgrace 2. public disgrace or ill fame from vicious conduct
  • dipsomaniac--an alcoholic
  • theosophy--teaching about God and the world based on mystical insight
Did you already know any of these? If so advance to the head of the class. If more! No don't feel bad because even google spell check didn't recognize some and decided to underline them red in this draft. Maybe I'll challenge myself to use some of these in upcoming posts. I make no promises to use them correctly though.


kmom said...

I think I've heard your dad use the 1st one in conversation.

Anonymous said...

I like antipode. I'm gonna use that in a conversation today. As in "Thank you for being so antipode". Yeah, like that's gonna happen with two grade schoolers.

Mom aka Gma

ktsdad said...

When Jason was studying for the LSAT, I made vocabulary lists from the books I read to help him prepare. I'm sure that's why he was so successful in law school:-)

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