Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Everything is better with friends!!

Liv and I go to the science museum at LEAST once a week...sometimes twice. I decided to up the fun level by taking a friend and Elle was the lucky lady last week! They had so much fun together and held hands when going from different activities. When we dropped Elle off Liv cried the ENTIRE drive home sobbing "My Elle! My backseat, my Elle! My friend, my Elle! Play with my Elle!" I think she enjoyed the car company as much as the museum company! The only fail moment I had with two toddlers in tow was forgetting the camera so you'll have to enjoy the grainy and blurry phone photos I got!

They built towers
They knocked down towers
They planted a garden
And painted a house
And designed a walkway
And built a dog house.
They used a crank conveyor belt
And crawled through tunnels
They commanded an AWACS
and rode a moon buggy
They watched Thomas the train go round and round (for WAY too long)
They perfected the tuck and roll
and found Noah to join in the tumbling fun!
They painted faces and floated boats and made bubbles and spun tops and see-sawed and went down slides and shared their lunches and learned about gravity and put pennies in the vortex and built cars and so much more. I look forward to more future fun with toddler friends!


Anonymous said...

Everything is more fun with a friend. Olivia is so blessed to have so many.

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

So glad the friend day went so well!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!


kmom said...

Thanks for taking so many pictures. I had not seen some of those kid activities. That place looks like lots of fun.

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