Saturday, January 21, 2012

Liv's Big Girl Room!

It's very similar to her nursery, but the crib is gone!
And some rearranging has been done and of course there's a new awesome book wall and there's a "new" rug and her diaper station (microwave stand) is now a storage dresser and there's some fun hand print (paw print) art that will be featured in an upcoming post. And that was a bad run on sentence. I love her room, but more importantly she loves her room! The morning after we had put up her new shelves she just kept saying "Oh thank you my bookshelf daddy!" And he was at work the whole time but she just kept saying it over and over again to no one in particular. She loves to have meals with the bears at her little table, she likes to request me to draw things on her chalk board, occasionally she scribbles on it, she likes to put baby dolls in the bed, and she sleeps 12 hours most nights in her twin sized bed.
Here's the run down like they do on design blogs
(except I'm cheap so it's boring but thrifty people will appreciate it)
Bed = estate sale circa 2007
Bedding = Walmart circa 2001 (it was mine in college)
Word pillows = stenciled by Ryan and me
Pear pillow = Embroidered by Ry's company
Animal Pillows = made by me in high school home ec class
Curtains = Walmart
Valances = made by Ryan
baby doll bunk bed = antique gift at baby shower
Wicker table = I think this was Erin Cornell's she gave to me in college
Rocking Chair = Goodwill from Ryan's college days
Slipcover = Surefit
Rug = Second hand from Nicole
Easel, lamp, blue table, and book shelves = Ikea
Dresser = Microwave stand from Walmart
Kid Chairs = church garage sale
Decor shelves and frames = Garden Ridge


Anonymous said...

What a cute big girl room! :)


H said...

love it! The book wall turned out awesome!

Michelle said...

So cute! I love it! I'm not sure my kids combined room is turning out as cute, but the senior boys were sure jealous when they came over this morning....hahaha

Leslie said...

i mean, those olivia books are just awesome up there! great work, friends!

Erin said...

Love it! I need your help with Haylie's. It just doesn't look very "kiddish" and I want it to! Suggestions?!

Allison Harms said...

SOOOO cute! Great job. Love it ALL!

Anonymous said...

I love it. What a lucky girl. I can't wait to come see it so Olivia can show me everything and I can read her some of those books.

Gma aka Mom

kmom said...

I want to come play with Olivia in her big girl room. It looks great! Love, Grammy

Monique said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

It looks great, Katie! A girl needs her own little corner of the world! ~Dawn

Jennifer said...

I love her room! It's so colorful and fun! I am especially envious of the bookshelf wall. I showed Greg a picture of that and told him that is what we need.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw your blog off a friend of mine's Tamra Blankinship. I happened to run across this post you did on your daughter's room and I LOVE the bookshelf wall. I tried to find those shelves on the IKEA website, but had a hard time finding them. Could you tell me which shelves they were? Thanks! --Kristie Speer

Ryan and Katie said...

I believe its the Ribba series. It may be called picture ledge not bookshelf.

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