Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Meeting Her Best Friend

Genevieve came into the world the night I posted a video of Liv pushing on Lo's belly trying to get her to come out. She just needed a little prodding from her new best friend. Don't tell me 2 years is too far apart to be best buds...after all Lolo and I are 3 years apart and we get along swimmingly.
Even though it's been a few weeks, I have no pictures of sweet baby G until today, because I'm a bad friend. No, really it's because of the chaos that happened when Gen was only 12 hours old so I completely forgot to take any pictures. The morning after she was born, Liv and I headed to her house to bring them breakfast and take a peak at the sweetest little girl you ever did see. I was holding Genevieve and Olivia was looking at me funny and started whining and acting weird. I just assumed she was getting jealous of seeing me hold another kiddo. So I passed her back off to Lauren and as soon as I picked up Olivia she VOMITED ALL OVER ME. And all over Lauren's bedroom floor. This was the first time Olivia had ever thrown up so no wonder she looked so funny and confused, and no wonder I just stood there going "What do I do?! Oh Gross! What do I do?!" Luckily she didn't throw up on the 12 hour old baby! And luckily Brad and Lauren already have 2 kids and weren't phased by this in the least. I put on one of Lauren's maternity shirts and combed puke out of my hair and Liv was as happy as a lark after that so I think she must've eaten something weird. I was mortified and thought she was going to give baby G some disease but they assured me kids puke all the time for random reasons so we stayed and hung out awhile. Anyway lessons I learned that day....

1. The sight of me holding another baby induces vomiting in my daughter, thus confirming my belief that she really should be an only child
2. Wait until your friend's husband is OUT of the room before you take your vomit covered shirt off....sorry about that, Brad.
3. We will tell the story of Liv puking when meeting Gen to the two of them for a long time I'm sure! (Liv still talks about it at random times!)
I think she might be telling her about it in this photo!


Anonymous said...

They are both ADORABLE.

Mom aka Gma

The Moores said...

Hahahaha, I guess compulsive vomiting is a pretty good reason for keeping Liv an only child.

Leslie said...

"sorry, brad." = HAHAHALARIOUS.

Shawn and Becky said...

I can remember the first time Cameron vomited. It was the same thing. He had no idea what he was feeling and didn't understand! Poor Liv. Baby G is so adorable.

lizcannon said...

and thats why i love you... i think brad probably saw my boob when i was feeding H in front of him, and i didn't even realize it

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