Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newsletter: 28 Months

Dear Olivia,
It's so amazing how much you change from month to month. You think I'd be used to it by now right? Last month the big news was potty training and this month you moved to your big girl bed! It was an easy night time transition, but nap time was a bit harder. Once we got a sticker chart though it was smooth sailing!
You started out on the trundle, but now you are up on the big twin bed and we just pull out in the trundle a bit in case you roll off. You've only done it once so far. You stay in bed and usually yell when you wake up but most times I have to wake you up if you sleep past 8am or 4:30 for your nap.
My favorite thing you've started doing this month is singing along to songs. You're favorites are ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars (Tweenchle Stars), Jesus Loves Me (Jeezy Bible So), and Jingle Bells (Jaddle Bales). It's so cute to hear you sing them and you get most words right but they are mixed up in your 2 year old language and I hope I can video it so I never forget it! Sometimes at church you just sing the word Jesus over and over again during worship singing. You also like to say "Amen" rather loudly at the end of the prayers, which always leads to some quiet pew snickering around us.
You are still pretty obsessed with the two Christmas bears. We put all the Christmas decor away, but they got to stay out since you play with them every day and drag them in the car places. You sleep with them most naps and then when you're awake, they are always being fed pizza and carrots (play food) in your room. You are really enjoying having a little table and chairs in your room since your crib is gone and we plan to make a bigger room transformation after a trip to Ikea this weekend. I enjoy seeing your imagination grow more each day while you play!
You have also become a bit obsessed with your princess pajamas. When it's time to put on clothes in the morning you usually start crying and whaling "No my pinceth, MY PINCETH!!" But after I remind you we only wear them to sleep in, you begrudgingly oblige. I've started wondering if we just name all your clothes with the word "princess" in front of them if you'd wear them more easily! You don't even know what a princess is, but nonetheless already love that word.
We had a great holiday season with the family and you got to stay with your grandparents and Gigi a few days all by yourself while daddy and I lived it up in OKC without a child. You napped and slept well every day for them. You didn't cry once. You had exceptional manners and we couldn't have been prouder of you!
You've started apologizing a lot this month which is nice when you do something wrong or hurt a friend, but I'm a little worried that you think things are your fault that aren't. Like if I bump into the counter or doorframe and say Ow! You'll say "sowwy mommy" very sincerely. Or at the science museum one of your favorite exhibits was broken and I tried to explain to you that it wasn't working today. You got a big pout on your face and said "I sowwy mommy, I sowwy." I explained that it wasn't your fault and it would work again soon. Maybe you just still fully don't understand the word. One day I wasn't feeling well and you patted my back and said "Sowwy Mom, feel better" and I about cried at how sweet you are.
The weather has been so nice we've been enjoying the park a lot and we even got to go to the zoo...in January! I figure we better enjoy the outdoors before an inevitable ice storm comes! You love the park, you love the science museum, you love to get a big pile of books and read through them, you love all your bears, you love making silly faces in the mirror, and you love to play your sesame street matching game in your princess tent. You're favorite book right now is Rosie's Walk and it's mostly a picture book with a fox on each page trying to catch a hen. As I turn the page you get excited and will say Catch you fox?! (satchew fos?!)
You've figured out more things to do on the ipad and can easily pick people to skype with, pick shows from netflix, and your favorite right now is the puzzles on Tozzle. I don't let you play on it too much though and I try to limit your TV time to just sesame street after breakfast and a little Thomas the Train before nap time while we calm down.
My heart still swells with pride each month as I write these letters to you. The more you grow and the more of a personality you develop the more I love about you. I would've never been able to understand this kind of love before there was you. You are perfection to me. Is your behavior always perfect? No. Do I have to discipline you because I love you and want you to grow into a well mannered functioning adult in society? Yes, but it's so hard sometimes because even when you talk back to me I have a hard time not laughing because it's just you being you: my baby becoming an independent and thinking little human being. And I love every bit of it!


The Moores said...

Alice is obsessed with her "pwincess jammies" too! If they happen to be in the laundry at bed time we have major drama over picking out something else to wear. Silly girls!

Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD my girls love their new jammies. You really do have a very polite little girl. Mommy and Daddy have done a great job with this little 28 month old. I am counting the days till Spring break. Tell her that Grandma won't make her suffer through another Skype session on the big screen. Please put me on the ipad next time so I don't scare her. And by the way, are those CROCS on her feet?

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I guess we weren't the only scary people on the big screen skyping. Maybe sometimes when Olivia says she is sorry she is empathizing or sympathizing or saying she is sad about the situation. We use the word that way. So glad you keep doing these monthly newsletters.

kmom said...

Don't forget to save room for the child's rocking chair we are keeping for you.

Monique said...

Love the picture of the I Love Mom shirt. Have to get one for Thaddeus. I've told John that if Thaddeus gets a tattoo when he grows up he would have to get one that had a huge heart with an arrow through it with BIG letters MOM :) Such a sweet newsletter!

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