Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing at the Pinon Palace

It's that time again! The time when we've missed ol' Sal so much we just can't take it much longer, so we must return to her mansion in the great (but totally weird) state of Texas. Plus her sweet and ADORABLE baby girl is a year old and we'd never met her. We figured now was a good time to start the grooming process for Liv's future college roommate. Liv and Liz. Come on, how perfect is that?!
Who needs toys in a palace when you've got Sally and an afghan?
Texas is a strange place for lots of reasons. The one most frustrating is their confusing and massive amount of roads: tollways, interstates, highways, farm to markets, all with changing names and constant new construction and poor signage. But we found our way there with a stop at DQ...for Ryan and Liv, sadly I still wasn't up for eating ice cream. Just look at this happy baby! She was cutting like 6 teeth and still had lots of smiles for us!
We had a delicious dinner and our daughters got to play happily until bedtime. This went MUCH smoother than last time we visited (when Liv was teething and slept zero hours). Liv loved sleeping in the pitch dark theater room in her princess sleeping bag. She would've slept longer in the morning and at nap but we made her get up. Once the kids were asleep it was time for some board games and I think we accomplished playing Settlers, Blokus, and Ticket to Ride.
Saturday we slept in, reminisced at college scrapbooks, shoved Ryan in the trunk and headed to In-n-Out for lunch. This was our first time to eat at one. Sorry fans, I don't see the fuss, but it was good. The weather was so nice we got to sit outside and play games by passing the ipad and chatting.
I'm wearing a tank top outside in January! I love that kind of winter. Here's a new stock photo ad for Hasbro....
Then we woke the kids up to go to the park and play some more. Sally got the trunk space this time.

Check out Ryan swinging out of the picture!
Before bed the girls got to have a mega splash down in the bath and we got some pretty cute photos!
After another relaxed and fun evening at the Palace we went to bed and awoke early Sunday to say goodbye, arm ourselves with better directions, and attempt to find the McDowell's church in Frisco. Last time we tried this we got lost and just ended up shopping at Ikea instead. This time we thankfully found it and even got to go to lunch at Babe's with them afterward. Sorry I didn't get a picture, but Macy and I became fast friends over lunch and I think she's planning our next visit when we can stay at her house and I can sleep on her bunk bed. (She's in 1st grade). THEN of course we went to Ikea and tried not to spend too much money before heading back to OKC.

Thank you Pinons for a wonderful weekend! Now that we know our child CAN actually sleep at your house we might be back even sooner!

(If you like the Pinon Palace and need a home built in the Mansfield area I highly recommend this guy.)


kmom said...

so glad the trip went well and you all had fun.

Anonymous said...

Tank top in January?! We had snow yesterday.

Mom aka Gma

lauren and brad said...

seriously? a tank top? so happy you had fun. you deserved a get-away.

And those girls are TOO cute together!

Jonathan Pinon said...

Thanks for Jonathan Mark Homes shout out, we had a great weekend with y'all!

Katie Bl said...

Looks like fun! I miss you guys! Did the shoving people in the trunk have anything to do with revisiting old college memories? I believe Ryan and Sally were involved with me in an episode that included trunk riding.

Leslie said...

Jamie could have used that photo this summer while working at that very company!

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