Friday, January 13, 2012

Things I've never mentioned on the blog

When looking back on the blog throughout the years I found a few things that I never mentioned. And I added those in with a few things I just need to say.
  • This trip actually was awful. I'm surprised we even smiled for a photo. What were we thinking taking a newborn on a trip?!
  • Lo and I told each other we were pregnant on the same day. It was one of the funniest long distance calls of my life. There was screaming involved. I was in Nashville at a conference (remember when I used to be a career woman?) and she was in OKC.
  • My awesome* ob/gyn told me I was probably having a miscarriage at my first pregnancy appt with Liv and told me "just go home and try not to think about it because there is nothing you can do" why oh why did I stay with her? (* denotes sarcasm)
  • I quit my job in 2006 bc my boss was a manic lunatic. I couldn't say that then, but I can now. I hope she got help. The company then went bankrupt.
  • I kept the crocs Joe gave me but I ONLY wear them to the mailbox and to do yard work in. As you saw in the newsletter, Liv LOVES to wear them.
  • That adorable quiet book I made last Christmas lasted one day. None of the stuff was strong enough to withhold my daughters grip and she tore a lot of it up. Therefore it's still waiting to be fixed in my new craft project drawer.
  • They never found the person that hit me in the car wreck when I was pregnant but over 2 years have passed so thankfully I'm not still getting any paperwork on it! We still drive the Corsica (or Chevalier as mom calls it) and the Corolla.
  • We still eat Taco Bell every Wed. It's a fun family tradition.
  • I guess my mom's labeling has rubbed off on me since I just labeled a ton o' stuff in our house when I did all my purging
  • Even though we just cleaned the entire house, in every nook and cranny, including the garage, we cannot find our CDs. There are probably over 150 in a leather case and they are no where to be found and I lost a lot of sleep thinking about it one night. Do you know where they are?
  • I'm just being honest, but I wish people would give up on their new years resolutions already so the parking isn't ridonculous at the gym right now :)
  • My kid has drank the paint water after painting on her easel.
  • I got sick again Monday and had to go to the ER again. Please keep me in your prayers that the doctors will figure out what keeps causing this. Thanks again to all our friends who helped us out and took care of Liv. I have faith I will eat normally again one day....
  • We are headed to Chateau de Pinon this weekend and I'm super pumped! This time Liv will have a little playmate and we finally get to meet Elizabeth.
  • We will also be stopping by Ikea on the way back home Sunday so if you have any small shopping requests (they have to fit in our trunk with the luggage) you may text me before Sunday.
  • I'm also really excited for the remainder of the "Big Girl Room" transformation that will be completed soon. It won't be very drastic but there might just be a book wall involved.....
    and it will be going where this crib once stood. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had another er visit. What a nightmare. Wish I were there to help.

I love the book wall idea. Are you getting a library ladder so you can reach the top row? Olivia would probably love it. (Kidding)

Have fun this weekend. We'll be praying for a safe drive home.

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Oh,Katie. I laughed and laughed about the poor quiet book you worked so hard on. So, so sorry. (for it and my laughing.) I also laughed at you wanting people to give up their new year's resolutions so you could find parking at the gym. And I laughed at Olivia drinking the paint water. Thanks for giving me some good laughs. Hoping and praying the weekend goes well.

H said...

Ha! I love this post, way to keep it real in blog world!! trying to think of my things I could post in segment like this.

praying for your health, sorry this keeps happening.

lauren and brad said...

Love the full disclosure...and so happy that my kid isn't the only one that drinks paint water! :)

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