Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Awesomeness Overflowing

Not only was the weekend awesome because of the Oscar party but there were 3 other things that made it wondrous. I sadly did not get pics of them all though, so I thought I'd make some drawings in paint while I listen to my daughter not napping in her bedroom. Not cool Olivia, not cool.

First of all there was the women's retreat. That included girl chat in a hotel hot tub, girl chat in a hotel room, chauffeuring elderly ladies to MWC, eating at Cheddar's twice, icebreaker games, hearing about how to better balance my life, reflecting on the proverbial balls I juggles: which ones I might like to add and which ones I'd like to drop.

Then I finally got to take my hubby out for his birthday. Amanda and Laura pulled through for us as an amazing babysitting team. We pulled up in Amanda'a driveway to drop Liv off and she was running to our car telling us her son just started throwing up all over his crib but she already found Laura to watch Liv and would drive her to Edmond, so we wouldn't be late. I have such amazing friends. Then I took Ryan to see the Oscar nominated animated short films at the art museum. Then we went to Kaiser's and then we got ice cream at Sonic.

While I was at the women's retreat, Ryan was at home with Liv. And the man who makes sure cockroaches stay out of my pajamas was putting insulation in our attic! I told Ry to take a before and after photo, but he didn't have to because I got this one off their facebook page of the before and after!
Who knew insulation could be so pretty. I want to plop down and make in insulation angel in that stuff :)
I hope you enjoyed my art. I just went in to see what Liv was doing in her room and found her in bed with her toy laptop. I guess she hid it under her pillow to play with sneakily.
All toys and bears have now been confiscated. I'm such a mean mommy ;)

(If you like illustrated posts you should check out this one. She's hilarious.)


Anonymous said...

Being mean is sometimes a Mom's most important job. I love the pics. Who knew you were so artistic. Tee Hee.

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I was wondering about the retreat you went on and the birthday date with Ryan. Thanks for the report and the pictures. You are a good mommy. Amanda is top rate! and so is Laura! You are blessed to have such great friends.

AM said...

I LOVE the retreat pics! Hilarious!

Monique said...

What fun times! Great artwork
(I'm glad my comments are finally posting)

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