Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conversations with my Daughter

While riding in the car yesterday.....

Liv: Mom, I eat my boogers in bed?
Me: No, eating boogers is gross
Liv: Oh, I eat boogers in car?
Me: No, we dont eat boogers anywhere.
Liv: I wipe boogers on shirt?
Me: That is preferred over eating them but a better option would be not to pick your nose at all
Liv: uuuuuuugghhh! Otay mama!!

While riding in the car today.....
Me: Oh Liv look at the pretty sky! God is giving us a beautiful sunset.
Liv: Oh yes Mommy! Thank you Joseph for many colors. Thank you for rainbows, Ms. Laura.
Me: Well God actually gives us the pretty colors and rainbows too, so we can tell God thank you too!
Liv: Otay, thank you Jesus!
Me: Close enough.

Ms. Laura is one of her Bible class teachers and they are learning about Joseph this quarter, she's getting the gist of things :)


Anonymous said...

They must have just learned about Joseph and the coat of "many colors". That Olivia is so so sweet. Grandma loves her, boogers and all.

Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

HA! Liv saying Otay is equivalent to "agree to disagree".

Laura said...

Thanks Olivia for the shout-out on mommy's blog!

I love how she absorbs these Bible stories and how she tells you what we've been talking about!

lauren and brad said...

thank you God for that little girl. i love her.

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