Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen Progress....

I ordered fabric samples, hardware samples, and am narrowing down paint samples.
Ryan is still working on the doors. He only works on them on the weekends, but maybe when Liv and I are in TN they will get completed! They are all in the garage and when they are all done we can start painting!

I said I'd update you on the cost:
Wood for doors: circa $200 (Lowe's)
Fabric samples: $8.50 (
Hardware samples: $7.84 (

Next up I need to decide for sure on hardware then order 43 knobs and 17 handles and like 90 hinges. We have a lot of doors. Then pick a fabric and order about 4 yards for a curtain and tablecloth and bench cushion....oh yes there will be a bench eventually. And then we get to go countertop hunting to see if Ikea will be cheapest for butcher block or not.....stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

TN? When is that happening?


kmom said...

Exciting adventure! Are you putting in a vent above your stove to the outside through the roof?

Ryan and Katie said...

Rach...first week of march
Mom.... No

Anonymous said...

Your new kitchen is gonna be BEAUTIFUL.

Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

Looks fun, Katie. Do you know this fabric place? It is my favorite!

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