Friday, February 10, 2012

Newsletter: 29 Months

Dear Olivia,
Your expanding vocabulary this month makes me never want to leave you because you say such hilarious things and I don't want to miss out! When I come home from the gym I'm always asking your daddy what you did or said and I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts, but it's because I'm loving this stage of your development! I could do a post per day on just the things you say, but I'll try to think of my favorites just to share in the newsletters.
Some of my favorite phrases this month include:
I want peter buddy samich peeze (peanut butter sandwich)
Awighty mom (alrighty)
Char-ee made bad choice (she's real quick to point out Charlie's bad choices)
I a bid dirl (big girl)
Oh! This my favorite song!
Care me, momma (scare say this when you have the hiccups)
When I called daddy silly you said "No mom! Daddy not silly, he a boy!"
You continue to want to do more things yourself this month and have gotten much better at dressing yourself. You're figuring out the "yeg-hoes" (Leg holes) on your pants better and have mastered your socks and some of your shoes. Each day I ask you what color you'd like to wear and that has seemed to help you want to get out of your pj's faster. It's usually purple but sometimes pink or orange. Sometimes you like to pull out lots of clothes and just have a fashion party. You like to wear mine or daddy's shoes around the house. You've started commenting on other people clothes when you like them by saying "oooo pretty ____" and one Sunday you got so excited when you saw my outfit and said "Oh mommy we match! So pretty!"
We've been working on some of your basic "good to know" facts this month like your full name, the street you live on, what colors on the stop light mean, what state you live in, and where your grandparents live. I like hearing you say your last name, but I do get annoyed with my backseat impatient driver at times: "Go mom! Light Green! Go, drive!"
You are still sleeping great at night in your big girl bed, but nap time is still a struggle most days. You will stay in your bed happily and play quietly for a long time so I'm debating on whether or not to just call it quiet time, but you still can get a bit fussy in the evenings if you haven't had a nap, so we'll see how the next few weeks go before I change the rules.
You still love your two bears but are showing a preference for the green one this month. When you take them to church or the gym I always ask "what do you have to do if you take your bears with you?" and you'll reply "I share bears with friends mommy" and usually as soon as we get there you immediately hand one to a friend...who then might throw it on the floor because they just don't love them like you do! But I'm proud of you for sharing!
Another favorite thing to do this month is change your bears and baby doll's diapers. You often ask if you can have a wipe and if I say no you'll hold your hands out and say "But mooooom, bear poop!" The only problem is sometimes you shake the pretend dirty diapers out in the real toilet and you end up with real wet diapers as I think you will see in this video.
Your grammy would be proud of the fact that now everytime we clean up our toys you start singing "A Helper I will be" without any prompting! And if I'm not singing it with you, you are quick to remind me. That song was drilled into my head at an early age and though I loathed it for many years, I am repeating my mother's steps and enjoying watching you be a little helper.
You are getting better at helping me make meals and love to pour your oatmeal into a bowl and stir it up most mornings. One day you dropped and shattered a glass bowl with your yogurt in it on the floor, and although you weren't hurt, it stayed in your mind and you remind me about it almost every morning. When you pour liquids for me you always say "I be careful mommy." It's pretty routine that we watch the end of Ellen while you wake up from nap and then as soon as it's over you'll turn off the tv, take my hand and say "come on, let's make supper" and you help me for a bit before getting sidetracked by toys or stickers or some other fun activity.
When we are driving places I'll often list the sequence of events we are doing, such as "first we are going grocery shopping, then to the library, then to a friend's house." You have started doing this on your own now when you wake up you have your own list of events you'd like to do that day. It's really cute to listen to you come up with things you want to do and understand sequence.
I feel a little bad for Charlie this month as you have taken special interest in bossing her around. The two of you play outside sometimes while I am making supper and I just hear you yelling "No Char-ee, go away! come here! No Char-ee, stop do that!" I think you don't realize that technically she is the older sister in this situation, but I guess since she can't talk you get to do the bossing!
You've started clinging to me when I drop you off at Mother's day out and usually request that I rock you in the chair for a few minutes. I'm rarely in a hurry, so I'm happy to do it. The moments when you want me to rock you these days are few and far between, and as your friends filter in and start playing, you crawl down from my lap and are ready to play. Then of course when I pick you up, you don't want to leave at all. I'm grateful for my easy going child with an independent spirit, but thank you for wanting me to still hold you and rock you every now and then. I love you sweet girl!



Valerie said...

Jackson was looking over my shoulder at the pictures and said, "Look at her--she's fantastic!"

Demas said...

Love your newsletters! She is at such a cute stage.

Anonymous said...

I love these posts. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and kisses to my sweet girl from Grandma.

The Moores said...

I have decided that 2 year old little girls are the absolute sweetest thing, evah! So much preciousness.

kmom said...

The first time I saw the video I laughed at the end because you said it was wet from the potty and she had just wiped the wet wipe on it and then on her face and mouth. The second time watching the video, I decided maybe the diaper was wet from her using the wipe on it along with on the baby. Cute Olivia. Thanks for the video.

ktsdad said...

Don't know when I've seen your Mom laugh so hard at a video!!!

lauren and brad said...

i love that little nugget of cuteness!

H said...

I am in love with her beautiful hair!! She is such a sweetie. Ava always feels better when I drop her off at MDO when she's liv's familiar face. can't beleive all our baby girls are turning into little girls!! its fun to watch!

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