Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rules for Rating Reading Material

I like alliteration.
The other day I was talking with a fellow book club member and I mentioned I really liked the last book choice. Her reply was, (correct me if I'm wrong) "I know, I read your blog, but you only gave it a 7.5?" It was a valid point and made me reconsider for a moment. However, I still agree with my rating. It does seem confusing so I figured it was time to lay down the explanations for my ratings of books so you have some reference into the weird rating scale I understand completely in my mind.

If I give a book a rating of......

Less than 1 = means I feel I wasted my time and life reading it. I kind of want to burn the book and possibly the person who suggested I read it.

1 = I'm not sure how this book even got published. The subject matter didn't interest me and I could barely finish it.

2 = Boring. Blah blah blah. I don't care about the characters and I am anxiously awaiting the end.

3 = This book could've been worse but some part of it saved it from being a total waste of time. I kind of dreaded reading it each time I picked it up.

4 = I see slight potential in it but there is a serious aspect that keeps me from caring much about it.

5 = Meh. I'm neutral on this book. It kept me turning pages but I kind of wish I'd been reading something else the whole time.

6 = I obviously liked some part of this book because I kept turning the pages and I finished it, but I'm not sure I'd tell anyone else to read it.

7 = While this was a good book and I enjoyed it, I will easily forget it when I'm done. I'm still glad I read it though.

8 = I enjoyed this book. If someone asks me for recommendations I would tell them about this book.

9 = I really enjoyed this book. It kept me interested throughout. Cleverly written and organized. It stayed with me even though I put it down.

10 = I loved this book. I thought about it when I wasn't reading it. I stayed up too late at night turning pages. I feel the need to tell others about it. I might even read it again. I will google to learn more about the author and other subjects brought up in the book.

Above a 10 = All of the aspects of a 10, plus if this book were a person I would want to marry it. I want to memorize it word for word and quote it to people constantly. I neglect personal hygiene to stay cozy a few more minutes to read its pages. I would also like to stalk the author and get inside their brain and live there forever. Congratulations (posthumously) J.D. Salinger and Ayn Rand. I think you are the only 2 to achieve this far.

Now you will better understand my ratings, and I will try to link back to this list from now on when I do my ratings. I also usually rate a group of 4 or 5 books at a time, so sadly if I just read an 11, the other books will pale in comparison no matter how much I liked them. It might be unfair, but so is life.


Allie said...


I was just wondering...Is your book club online threw your blog or do you meet in person...if its online i would be interesting in joining if that is if its online

Ryan and Katie said...

No we meet in person but feel free to comment on any books you read that you see on my blog!

kmom said...

I appreciate seeing your rating system.

AM said...

Thank you for the clarification of the system. The quote was pretty much direct...good memory.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. We'll all need to refer back to this post every time you give us a review.

Mom aka Gma

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