Thursday, February 23, 2012

She still calls them BenDes.
She calls her Genevieve and still re-enacts throwing up the first time she met her.
When they were over this day, a contractor was here giving me an estimate for insulation. (We're having our attic blown Saturday-Hurray!) When he left he said "Thanks Katie." Ben looked at me and mumbled "Why did that man call you Katie? That is NOT your name!" I told him only special people get to call me Kay-kay. It was a rough morning that had me in a tizzy for various reasons, one being that the day I finally decide to vacuum my house (it's a rare day, people), I sucked up a diamond necklace Ryan got me in college and spent half the morning digging through this only to give up all hope. Don't worry, when Ryan came home from work, he found the tiny diamond in all that dog hair and dust in like 5 minutes. I love that man. ANYWAY the only cure for that kind of morning was to have a playdate with friends!
Oh and lots of mama chatting too! (No pics of Lo and I, sorry)
By the time they left I was feeling back to my old self again. Thanks friends!
Liv can't wait for baby G to be able to play back a little more but until then she's content to hold her...for 5 second increments.


Leslie said...

SO relieved he found the necklace. It's been bugging me for days.

lauren and brad said...

Ryan is definitely a super hero for many reasons.

I am having one of those days today. Could use you my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

I love to hear that Ry is your hero.

I hope the insulation helps with your heating bills. Especially if winter ever finally arrives. I just pray it doesn't wait until the end of March and then blow in with a fury.

Mom aka Gma

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