Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Play

The last time it snowed we brought it inside to enjoy.
This time I put about 3 layers on each of us and we went out in it.
It amused her for about 20 minutes or so.
Then she just kept slipping and her gloves wouldn't stay on (because one of them was mine. I can never find a match) so we went back inside where the space heaters were.
It melted in 24 hours but now every time we go outside she says "Careful mama, pretty slippy."
Adorable headband made by Shanny of course.


The Moores said...

Love that headband! Alice and mommy might need one :).

Anonymous said...

So winter actually made an appearance in OKC. It probably won't show up here until the end of March, just in time for spring break. And by the by, that girl is SOOOOOO adorable. Give her a big kiss from Grandma.

kmom said...

Did you make a snowman?

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