Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sushi Night

One of my New Year's resolutions was to eat sushi. That's a lie, it wasn't. But if it HAD been, I would've accomplished that goal! Technically I have had sushi before at the Waughs, but I don't count it because it didn't look like this after I rolled it.
Yes that is what I ate. I, Katie Isenberg, a self proclaimed picky eater, a lover of PB&J and grilled cheese, ate sushi. I believe all the ones I tried were cooked, but it still counts. Jenna documented me actually chewing it for proof. Verdict: It was ok. I ate it, but it filled me up fast so I sent my leftovers home with Lo. I don't think I'll ever be like "Mmm, I'm craving sushi!" but I would go again for fun.
This is how Baby G feels about sushi. I named her the Seminole Roll.
This is how Lo feels about sushi.
This is how Whitney feels about sushi
This is how Amanda feels about sushi.
Ha! And it's true. I'm still glad she came and humored those who wanted to eat it though because it was a good time! Such a good time that Sushi Neko decided it needed to drown out all of our lady part talk with their loud music. It just made us laugh harder while the rest of the patrons stared at us in jealousy. No one was having as good of a time as we were. No one.
I love dinner with the girls!


ktsdad said...

Amanda's the only one with any sense :-)

Erin said...

I LOVE sushi and haven't had it in such a long time. I only eat the cooked stuff though...I'm not that crazy!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet we gave you a run for your money on the "good time" scale when we got together with the Bratchers last Tuesday night at Sharis. We laughed hard and there wasn't any loud music to drown us out. Fortunately the staff loves us and let us stay anyway. And now I feel challenged to try sushi. Maybe sometime this year. And definitely the cooked kind.

lizcannon27 said...

seminole roll, love it!!!! you might actually start craving sushi... once you've had it, it gets ingrained in your blood stream and you NEED more.

kmom said...

I am so very impressed with you trying to eat different foods. Wow!

Leslie said...


also, neko = cat.

Monique said...

Love your expressions!

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