Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things I've been enjoying

Here is a random list of things that are bringing bits of joy to my life right now

Temple Run. It's a free game on the ipad and you should download it now. Each game is only a minute...when you get good, a few seconds until you get the hang of it.
Lo made me this bookmark and it makes me smile to look at it on the corner of my books. (Carrie, I'm reading Big Stone Gap and enjoying it so far!)
These snack bags and sandwich wrap from Green Bambino.
When you unwrap the sandwich you have a placemat. Liv takes them to Mother's Day Out and they are easy to throw in my purse when we are on the go! You can either wipe them down or throw em in the washing machine.
How I Met Your Mother. I started watching a few weeks ago on Netflix (they have all seasons on demand) and I love it! I think they stole some of the ideas for shows from my blog...especially the toothbrush sharing episode.
Nature Valley Sweet n Salty Almond bars. Oh my goodness!! Not exactly a healthy breakfast but healthier than a candy bar for a dessert. I hear only the almond ones are good but these are the only ones I've tried and I LOVE them! (mom and dad, I really think you'd like these...and everyone else too!)
When Liv quit wearing diapers I quit carrying a diaper bag. I still needed something that would hold my things and her snack items and such when we are out so I decided I needed a new purse. Yellow is my fav color and I am enjoying this new purse from JC Penneys.
My sister got me this dead sea nail kit for Christmas and I've always wanted one after being hounded by the kiosk people at the mall. They always did one nail and that nail was so pretty for a month but somehow I never gave in. It works though! My cuticles and nails have never looked this good!
Scramble is an app that my sister and I play a lot because we both love Boggle and it's pretty much boggle for your ipad/iphone. She and one other girl I think are the only ones who can beat me so I challenge you to a match if you have the game!
Ticket to ride....another app. We enjoy the board game and also the app! It wasn't free but it's fun to play with the computer, others online, your spouse, or you can play with a group and pass the ipad around. They even have a few other versions with extra destination cards and challenges.
One of my friends told me I should see Downton Abbey and the day after she did like 15 more people told me to watch it. They were right! I love it! Season 1 is on Netflix and Season 2 is on right now, but you can catch up with the shows on It's wonderful and I'm enjoying learning about that time period in England and gaining a new vocabulary: valet, footman, dowager, etc. (Originally I thought the show was called DownTOWN Abbey and assumed it was about nuns living in a downtown abbey in London or something...haha!)
One of Lo's friends gave her 6 garbage bags full of clothes she was giving away and after Lauren sorted through the ones she wanted, she gave them to me for the taking. I got a whole "new" wardrobe for free! I love hand me downs! Sorry no pic but if you see me in any recent posts I'm probably wearing something new :)

What things are you enjoying lately?


Anonymous said...

I'm rereading the Big Stone Gap series right now too. I'm on Milk Glass Moon.

Mom aka Gma

devon lorraine ... said...

right there with you on how i met your mother and ticket to ride! and i've been eyeing those green bambino snack bags ...

trish said...

i love how i met your mother!

AM said...

I love a good favs list! I love those snack bags and sandwich wrap also!

AM said...

Oh and how could I forget to comment about temple run?!?! Although, I have been wondering if I should remove it from my phone. Is it taking over too much? Hmmm...I should at least wait until after my trip this week!

lizcannon said...

how much were those snack bags/sandwich wraps? i love love love them, i can have my momma pick me up some!

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