Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thomas, He's the Cheeky One

It could be worse. It could be Dinosaur Train or Sid the Science Kid. Lately to help Olivia calm down and prepare her mind for nap time, we cuddle on the couch, and we turn on Thomas the Train who just so happens to be on PBS right before her nap time. It's handy because at the end of each episode Thomas goes to sleep, and then she hops up, turns him off, and heads to her room. It seems to help most days. She really likes this show. And I do not. Sesame Street I love. The furry monsters are always singing and they often have sketches that appeal to adults by mocking adult shows like Mad Men or Glee and I appreciate this. Here's my beef with Thomas the Train.....
The main message is that each train is "useful." That's not a bad message, but come on, after so many episodes let's branch out. There are lots of messages we can tell kids besides that they're useful.
Sodor is the name of the island. What? Are we in Lord of the Rings? Worst island name ever. And do we even really need trains on an island? Can't boats suffice?
Wheeshed. The trains are always wheeshing things. It's a weird word.
Sometimes the show has actual train models with stop motion animation but the newer episodes are CGI. I prefer the old.
Sometimes a conductor is required but sometimes the trains drive themselves. Huh? Be consistent.
Thomas botches a delivery every episode. I'd like to see him get it right the first time, just once.
Every episode should be about Thomas. Ok this one only peeves me because when Thomas isn't on the screen Olivia is going "Mommy, where Thomas? Where Thomas go mommy? Where is Thomas mommy?" until he reappears.
The trains are always bringing something to a party for children. Do you really need a TRAIN load of books for the 8 kids that showed up? A whole TRAIN full of lemonade was required for a party? Really? I'm pretty sure a few pitchers would suffice. And why are these children partying everyday? Is that just the good life on Sodor?
I know the song by heart and Liv is learning it, but every time I sing it I just feel bad for Toby. All they could come up with was that he's square? Poor guy. Even James the vain one is at least lots of fun. I'm sure Toby knows he's "useful" though!
Why is he sometimes Sir Topham Hat and other times the "fat controller" and what does that mean? Is he a fat man who controls things or is that a common railway term that I just do not understand?

I do like when they say "cinders and ashes!" but that's the only nice thing I can think of to say about it.

We don't have DVR or cable but I realize we have Netflix hooked up to our TV so I could pick another show for her to watch before nap time, but the damage is already done and now it's routine and just because the show annoys me, it's not bad for her, it does have a good message and how can I say no to that cheeky little blue engine? Plus the way she says Tom-eees is pretty cute.


Michelle said...

She can come visit Cooper and Maddie and they'll teach him all about the trains. Thomas is on right now at our house....Cooper has always loved Thomas, but really I think it has more to do with the fact that he has all these trains that he sets up and plays with all the time. You should see the living room, always a mess of Thomas.

Michelle said...

I meant *her, not him....sorry, I am 36 weeks pregnant, I'll blame it on that, haha

Anonymous said...

Jack was OBSESSED with Thomas--he even had Thomas slippers. If Olivia still likes it the next time you are in Oregon, I will dig all his Thomas trains out for her to play with!

Leslie said...

you can always entice her with a little of this when she wakes up from a nap.

Anonymous said...

You should get a job critiquing kid's cartoons for discriminating parents. You are very good at it. I am so glad my kids missed the Thomas phase. It could be worse. She could fall in love with that big purple dinosaur. Oh, yeah, Barney!

Mom aka Gma

Chellie said...

B loves Thomas too. He used to dance anytime he would hear that song. Nate thinks Percy is the weird one, I mean seriously what kid can say his name correctly? It always comes out sounding really bad. And Thomas is super codependent. Why does he never learn to stop trying to fix everyone else?

Ryan and Katie said...

Thanks Leslie. That's a pretty awesome video. I'll be sure to show it to her!

Tarren and Erin said...

I like the newer episodes where the trains mouths actually move when they talk. The older ones creep me out. The trains talk but their faces don't change.

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