Thursday, March 22, 2012

College Memories: Friends

When I did the post about Felicity I had to get out a backup CD from college just to find a picture of me from college. As you can imagine that photo ID pic wasn't the only picture on the CD so I decided to post some of my other favorite pics from college that I found and do a little series. It's possible the stories I share will be completely wrong as it has been about 10 years (!) since some of these were taken. If my memories are wrong then someone can correct me in the comment section! If nothing else just enjoy how much digital photography quality has improved in the past few years!

This photo was from "Foil the Stars" night. The opposing basketball team was the Stars and if students wore tin foil we got in free to the game. I think you'll recognize a few people in this photo. Katie in the glasses we saw in Oregon last visit and good ole Sal, with her sassy foil earrings, that we visited in Dallas a few weeks ago. Then of course there's my hubby with that awesome coat he always wore. Sadly it was lost I think during our first year of marriage.
This photo was taken at Kassi's personal shower. Kassi was my roomate freshman and sophmore years. She got married right after our sophmore year and moved back to Michigan. I decided to throw her a personal shower before we all left but guess what...I had never even been to a personal shower and I don't think anyone at that party had either yet. So we did the best we could based on what we heard we were supposed to do and after an embarassing trip to Priscilla's (where fun and fantasy meet) I think we pulled off a memorable evening. I must be taking the photo since I'm not actually in it.
Senior year I lived in a house off campus on Chinaberry Lane with these 3 girls who you definitely have seen on the blog before because I am still friends with all of them! I am super excited that Allison is about to move around the corner from me! Erin just had her second kiddo. Kelli just got married. I think this was taken senior awards ceremony or some graduation event.
We used to have mix match dinner nights together where we were each supposed to bring or make something but not tell anyone what we were bringing so it was a bit like potluck. It never went together but it was always delicious!! We once accidentally let a Kirby vacuum salesman in the house during finals week. After he adamantly refused to leave until he'd finished his presentation we told him he could finish but none of us would listen to him because we were studying for finals. I think we ignored him for about an hour and then he went away.

The art department always takes pictures of its graduating seniors and Kelli and I asked if we could have one together because we might've been the only 2 interior design majors graduating that year (maybe there was one more?) and because we were roomates and because we're awesome.
She might be the tiniest person you ever meet with the cutest little voice. We lived in an apartment on campus junior year together and then moved into her grandma's old house with the girls above our senior year. She got a teeny chihuahua when we lived there name Macy but we called her Puppy Loo. We spent many hours together in the ID lab doing projects. She used to drink Dr. Pepper for breakfast and if she didn't she got a you still do that Kelli or did you move on to coffee?

More college memories posts coming up!


Anonymous said...

This might be my favorite post ever!


Anonymous said...

Awww, I feel special having several pictures on your blog! No more Dr. Peppers for me...however, I do still need the caffeine so I drink coffee or tea :) Such great memories from college!


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