Sunday, March 25, 2012

College Memories: More Friends

This is a picture of my dear group of friends in our favorite college eatery: Chili's. We always got the chips and salsa and Ryan always got the chicken tacos. We always sat in this booth. This was our last supper together before Kassi went home and got married and the next semester half of them went off to Vienna on an overseize study program. Chili's was never the same.
One of the most hilarious people I have ever known. We were great roomies. We made up songs about everything including our secret kitchen and the girl who stole Kassi's laundry from the dryer.These are the interior design students with one of our teachers and the boy whose room we designed for a Make A Wish project. It didn't really make sense because it wasn't his bedroom. All the proceeds from the home tour went towards Make a wish though and the theme he picked was Harley Davidson. I do not remember his name but I hope he is doing well.Erin and I roomed together the summer of our sophmore year as well as senior year. Since I lived in OKlahoma during the summers too I got to experience lots of different roomies. She lived next door to Kassi and I our sophmore year and I guess that's when we became friends? I think I knew her freshman year too though. Anyway we go way back and I like this picture of the two of us!These photos were taken on one of my most favorite nights ever in college. We single people wanted to have a fun night on Valentine's day and what started out as like 5 or 6 of us turned into like 25 or 30 OC people at Joe's Crab Shack having a good time. I didn't get a pic of the whole group but we took up quite a few tables. Ryan and I weren't dating yet but I had a crush on him and that is why I love this picture of us.
I also love Sally's laughing face almost as much.
I have no idea what these girls names are but I do remember the name they gave their Bible bowl team that I coached Sunday afternoons for LTC at Memorial Rd. The Super Charged Dolphins. It doesn't get better than that. They were super fun and it was a good time. I think they might be in college now.
I hope whoever they are they are having as much fun as I did in college!

Up next: the college memory finale. I know you're tired of these but when I get back it'll just be pics of Oregon for awhile :)


Michelle said...

awe those are some sweet memories!

Anonymous said... this might really be my favorite post ever!


kmom said...

Great picture of you and Ryan. You look like you are dating. You have sparkles in your eyes.

Chellie said...

Yup, I'm pretty sure at least one of those kids graduated last year.
I really like that picture of you and Ryan -- so cute. Did you start dating shortly after?

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