Friday, March 23, 2012

College Memories: Northern Ireland

I went to Northern Ireland for 3 or 4 weeks the summer after my junior year of college on a mission trip. One of the main things we did was work at Camp Shamrock, a Christian Summer camp in Tollymore Forrest National Park. This was the first time I had ever been across the ocean. None of my close friends went, but by the end of the trip I had made several new ones. It was quite an adventure and I have a ton of pics I could post but here are just a few. This is the actual tent I slept in for a week with 4 other people.
It was the first time I had ever slept in a tent. Thank goodness there was a bath house up the hill or I wouldn't have done it. I'm still not sure how I did it then. It was freezing and after a few nights of shivering in my sleeping bag in the rain, I started stealing a hot water bottle from the kitchen to sleep with every night. I wish I had kept in touch with the teens in my tent. They were Leona, Sarah, and Goodness and they always told me I had "such a wee baby face" in the nicest Irish accents.

This is me and all the luggage I took. I had a nice sized backpack but you can't really see it. I packed a lot of peanut butter and crackers because I heard they ate a lot of potatoes at camp and if there is one food I can't even pretend to's potatoes.
Here is the whole group in a picture outside the 3 story duplex we stayed in in Bangor when we weren't at camp. The landlord's name was Babar. They were painting the exterior the week we were there so it looked a lot different when we left. The ocean was in walking distance from our house.Here is the whole group in front of a castle ruins. Maybe Dunluce? Not sure. Ireland really is the greenest place I've ever seen. Greener even than Oregon.
This was taken at Giant's Causeway. I tried dried seaweed here that is supposedly a yummy snack. I literally couldn't swallow it. I pulled it out of my throat like a long piece of masking tape.
We went to Scotland on a short trip while we were there and Edinburgh was my favorite place. The castle is the oldest place I've ever been in and has royal roots as far back as the 12th century. There were lots of actors in Braveheart attire that you could get your picture taken with. I saw Braveheart for the first time while we were there and all I remember is that it was sad and I had to turn my head away for a lot of it.
Here's all the girls at the ocean. I'm friends with a lot of them on facebook but we haven't kept in touch much other than that. Maybe we will have an Ireland reunion one day.
Ryan surprised me at the airport, I didn't think he was going to be able to come. We were both really excited to see each other.
He proposed to me a few days later in Oregon.
More college memories to come!


kmom said...

That was a summer to remember. Love, Mom

Leslie said...

you guys got engaged before your senior year in college?! wow!! and i had no idea he did it in a sand castle! fantastic. tell me more!

Jennifer said...

That is such a cute picture of you and Ryan!

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