Monday, March 26, 2012

College Memories: Ryan

These are just some pics of Ryan and I from college that don't have great stories with them but I'd like to post them anyway so I can go back and look at them when I want to and smile at what cute little college kids we were!

A lot of these are taken from banquet nights. This first pic is from a banquet that Ryan came to late because the art dept. head kept telling him he NEEDED to be at this art ceremony instead because he'd won some award. So Ryan went to the art banquet and won a laptop case. He said it was super lame and wished he'd skipped it. Instead he got to the play late but we still had fun.
I remember one of my friends telling me he looks like a 30 year old youth minister when they saw this photo. I don't know what that means but I kind of have to agree.
This was from the same nights but I like it.
This was taken at a banquet when we went to the Rodeo.Maybe Pioneer Woman was there? Who knows, it was before both of us were famous bloggers. Ok maybe she's the only famous one but give me a few more years and maybe I'll write a cookbook and start a cattle farm too. Ha! Who are we kidding?
And a Spaghetti Warehouse banquet. I believe an improv group called Pavlov's Dogs were there that night. What a stud that Ryan is!
This was taken when he came home with me to TN over spring break. I forced him to play dress up with me. JK I have no idea why we're wearing crowns. Notice the bear hanging from the ceiling? I'll save that tale for junior high memory posts.
The summer we were apart Ryan sent me this pic with a simple drawing over it explaining one of his jobs. He occasionally worked the "big swing" at summer camp on the ropes course and I could never picture what this big swing was, so he drew it for me.
He came to visit me that summer in OKC for a few days and this is the only photo we got together. A blurry shot hanging out at cousin Matt's house. I cried when he left to go back home.This concludes the college memories series for now. Maybe I will do another one next time I leave town. I've enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

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These posts make me want to do the same thing -- maybe I will...

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