Monday, March 05, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day!

They celebrated Dr. Seuss day last Friday at Mother's Day Out and Liv was decked out in her most Seussical attire. (And not wanting me to take her pic, so this is what you get!)
She brought along her favorite Seuss book, The Foot Book, but it got left in the car. We headed straight for Arkansas when we picked her up from the church so the people of Russelville, AR and at various rest stops along the way also got to enjoy her outfit.We stayed with Ryan's cousins, Mia and Evan, overnight and they took us to Stoby's which was a fun little restaurant in a railway car. We told Liv she was eating in Thomas the Train and she got a kick out of it. She even got to blow the whistle when we left! Sadly I got no pics of Mia and Evan but we had a lot of fun and will probably visit again since they are on the way to Tennessee.
Thanks Mia and Evan and Wilson, we had fun with you!


Anonymous said...

She makes an adorable Dr. Suess character. Hope you're having fun in Tennessee.

Gma aka Mom

lauren and brad said...

I love the outfit! And the hair-do!

And that last pic of Ry holding her makes her look so little. !! xoxo

miss you guys but so happy you are having a fun getaway.

Monique said...

Cute! She looks like she is having lots of fun!!

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