Monday, March 19, 2012

Felicity and Katie: A Comparison of College Experiences

Since I've been down for the count for a few days, I've watched a lot of Netflix. You'd think as much as I love books that I would get a lot of reading done when I'm sick, but strangely I have no desire to read when I'm sick. I thought now would be a good time to start a random television series on Netflix, and I chose Felicity. I had maybe seen an episode or two in my life. Having finished Season 1 already, (I was down for the count for about 72 hours so 22 episodes is entirely possible in 3 days if all you do is lay on a couch) I made some observations. Felicity's college freshman year had so much more drama and intensity than my college freshman year could've even dreamed about. Perhaps it's because none of the characters in the show could even remotely pass for college kids in real life. They must've been like 25 or 30 when they did that show! Either way I thought it would be fun to draw a comparison.
Felicity verses Katie: Freshman Comparisons....
(sorry the photo is blurry but digital camera weren't too popular yet. I did find this scan of my student ID photo from Freshman year)
  • Felicity went to college far away from home because she was chasing a boy she had a crush on. Katie went to college far away from home to leave all her crushes and ex-boyfriends behind. (and for other reasons too, of course)
  • Felicity's roommate was a gothic scary girl who dabbled in the dark arts. Katie's roommate was a hilarious Michigander who liked to dye her hair a lot. (now she's a fashionista blogger, Hi Kassi!)
  • Felicity's RA was a hot guy who was like a camp counselor for all the freshmen on his floor, always doling out advice and solving problems. Katie's RA was a nice girl who I think I only talked to at curfew.
  • Felicity worked at Dean and Deluca. Katie worked at Sams Club.
  • Felicity was robbed at gun point. Katie evacuated the dorm for several fire alarms set off by burnt popcorn.
  • Felicity came under serious fire for accusations of plagiarism. Katie's classes were so easy freshman year, I'm not sure she even had a paper to plagiarize.
  • Felicity's friend got hit by a bus in front of her. Katie's friends rarely left campus because they didn't have cars, but skunks were a danger between the girls and boys dorms at night!
  • Felicity cheated on her boyfriend with a random guy in the art department. Katie spent a lot of time with boys and girls in the art department....only doing art though.
  • Felicity decided to marry her boss so he could get a green card. One of Katie's boss's married a woman in a helicopter over Vegas, but it wasn't Katie.
  • Felicity sent cassette tapes to Sally about her life in college. Katie called her friends on the phone and instant messaged them on AIM.
  • Felicity's friend got involved in gambling and got beat up. Katie's friends were all illegally downloading music from napster and Kazaa because we all had laptops and wireless access.
  • Felicity's best friend was raped by her boyfriend. Katie's best friends were making out willingly with lots of boys.
  • Felicity's dorm plays Assassins. Katie's dorm just fights to breathe normally when the pipes burst and they have mildewed carpet the rest of the year.
  • Felicity kissed her RA while playing Boggle. No one plays Boggle with Katie because she always wins.
  • Felicity drove back home across country with her crush at the end of the college year. Katie stayed in OKC with her crush at the end of the college year.
That concludes freshman year. Maybe if I finish the other seasons I will do more comparisons of our sophmore, junior and senior years!


benay said...

awesome comparison. also season 2 of felicity is some of the finest television ever to be recorded and scott speedman has ruined me for every other man.

Anonymous said...

I really really really hope you are better soon.

Mom aka Gma

Monique said...

Enjoyed reading the comparisons.

tricia said...

agree about scott speedman!

felicity was the best show ever. close second to my so-called life.

love the comparisons! it makes me want to netflix all the seasons now!

lauren and brad said...

tee hee hee! This is funny!

is it good? should I watch it while I'm down for the count?

Kassi said...

Hahha. Oh, Felicity. College was good times. I was just telling someone the other day about "Aaaaand Stay out!"
I am absolutely guilty of dying my hair often and playing tonsil hockey regularly. I still think LeAnn has the best wild stories though. :)

Leslie said...

amazing. you always have the best stories coming out of a sick period. :)

Erin said...

Ahh, this actually brought back some fun memories of freshman year!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I loved Felicity! I am now considering subscribing to Netflix just to get to rematch it all.

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