Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kitchen Update

Ryan starting sanding and taking off doors and painting while I was in TN and I panicked because I hadn't taken any official "before" pics! See those below. The big news is we chose a paint color for the cabinets! We went with Louisberg Green by Benjamin Moore. Here is Ryan holding up the sample door with sample color. Isn't he talented?! (for building the door not holding it up)
I actually like our kitchen in pictures. But up close and personal is another thing. The cabinets are made of thin cracked plywood as I tried to capture in an up-close photo, but it doesn't show up too well.
None of the doors and drawers match. The hardware doesn't match. It's all painted with a flat finish so they are impossible to clean. And the molding the previous owners added isn't even matched up in the mitered corners on most pieces. Here is a close up of my husband's handy work....
Such a great improvement. So here are the before pics.
You can see where Ry removed the doors on the one side to begin sanding. And yes sawdust is prevalent.
I'm really excited about this area by the back door.
The right is our hot water unit and we will paint the doors to it with chalkboard paint for me to write the weekly menu on and Liv to draw on. There is a small pantry to the left that we don't use at all except for holding plastic bags and dog food so we plan to tear it out and build a little bench/coat rack /tiny mudroom area. I'm so pumped about it! And here's another angle with missing doors. Anyway that's enough pics for now.
Now we just need to keep sanding and painting. Then we can hang em up!

We had our first snafu of the remodel. The fabric I chose is out of stock and can't be found anywhere. The back up fabric is also sold out. I possibly threw a 3 year old like tantrum when this occurred. Then I tried to go fabric hunting yesterday and the 2 places I drove to were out of business, or moved without a sign as to where. I took that as a sign from God to stop searching and I postponed the fabric hunt til this Friday. I also came to that conclusion when my gas light came on and I realized my wallet was missing. Don't panic, someone saved me and my wallet was in Ryan's car.

I'll add paint to the official/unofficial kitchen tally: $52.00
I realize it's the expensive kind but I hear from the pros on the web that it's worth it, and considering I hate the finish that's on there now I'm more than willing to splurge.

(I just google snafu and apparently it has a bad acronym associated with it. I did not know this. Maybe it was given it after the fact. Who knows)


The Moores said...

Nice job brother! And what a great color.

Anonymous said...

Go Ry! I'm very excited for you. Can't wait to see it.

Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Great work,Ryan! Keep it up!

Erin said...

Can he please come to my house and build new cabinets? VERY impressive! I can't wait to see it all finished.

Chellie said...

If you are looking for Joanne's it moved to NWExpy and Rockwell. It is huge and really nice with lots of selection.

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