Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mini Steve Jobs

When she pulled these pants up she immediately put her hand in the pockets.
I love it.
Then Ryan said she looked like a mini Steve Jobs. I said oooh maybe for Halloween or is it too soon? He said it's already too late.
(The hyperlink is mainly for my mom who may or may not know who Steve Jobs was. The important thing to know here, mom, is that he often wore a black turtleneck.)


kmom said...

I know about Steve Jobs, but I didn't know he wore black turtlenecks. I started scrolling down in the reference to see him in a full length picture with his hands in his pockets, but soon gave up. Silly me! Are these the first pants for Olivia with side pockets in them?

Anonymous said...

I don't remember ever seeing him in pink tennis shoes though. She is so so ADORABLE!!!

Mom aka Gma

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