Saturday, March 10, 2012

Newsletter: 30 Months

Dear Olivia,
Oh my, you're 2 and a half! And the sass is quickly multiplying! We've really had to be patient with you this month as your attitude can be quite challenging at times. One of your favorite phrases this month has been "NO, I not!" and you say it with such force and with a scrunched up defiant nose that I want to laugh and throttle you at the same time.
But of course your adorable traits have outweighed the challenging ones this month. You've been talking about your sister every now and then and when I ask who your sister is you just smile and stop talking about her. Well, while we were in TN you gave this imaginary sister a name, Sappy. You'd have to go upstairs to "check on sister Sappy" and you'd lock her behind random doors. I didn't think imaginary friends came so early but it's entertaining!
We were in Tennessee all last week and I absolutely loved watching you play with our family and with my friends' kids. It was a pretty surreal thing to watch my daughter play with kids whose parents I spent many years playing with too.
Aunt Amy gave you baths and blew bubbles and had dance parties to Veggietales with you. Papa and Grammy took turns playing with you, going to the park, reading books, and looking at pictures on the computer with you. Then of course there were cousins, Pop, aunt, uncle, and Joe who also had fun keeping you entertained! No wonder when we pulled up in the driveway to our house today you looked at me and daddy with a pout on your face and said "No home, go to Tennessee." You almost started to cry until Daddy and I reminded you of the toys inside and Charlie and your bed. You kind of perked up but I think you miss TN already.
You still love to read and spent much of the 10 hour car ride reading different books to yourself in the back seat. Your current favs are two hand me down Thomas the Train books we got from BenDes. We have been reading them every day at nap time. If I start reading a book before nap time that you don't like you'll close it and say "it's too yate to read dis one mama, too yate."
I've been playing a CD in the car a lot that Lauren made you when you were a baby. We've heard it so many times now that you request certain songs by name and say you want to dance to them. Your favorites are Moonshadow, Moon River, and Don't Worry. You've also gotten really good at singing more church songs lately especially Blue Skies and Rainbows. You caught me off guard one day when you started making up a song while going to the potty. You just kept singing "Jesus holy my shepherd" over and over again and all I could think of was your cousin George who also makes up wonderful church songs.
When something is hurting you or bothering you this month you've started saying "It's heeeavvy!" In a frustrated tone. Sometimes you use the word correctly but usually it's just when anything is bothering you. For example public toilets might be too heavy, your car seat might be heavy, a toy across the room might be heavy, you aren't trying to lift any of these things, they are just annoying you in some way.
You've been waking up earlier lately (before 8:00) and sometimes if I'm not ready to get out of bed I'll let you crawl up with me and play on the ipad for a few minutes while my eyes open. One morning, you were laying beside me playing some game and looked over at me and said "Mom, Thomas the train have facebook?" I died laughing and was disgusted at the same time that a 2 and half year old even knows what facebook is but I figure you hear us say that phrase a lot since it's how we find out so much news (and gossip) with our friends. I said we could find out and sure enough Thomas the Train does have a facebook and we looked at it a few minutes before getting up to eat breakfast.
Most days and nights in TN you were fine to let Grammy put you down for naps or bed time but the last night we were home I think you got a little scared when we were saying good bye to cousins and you thought I was leaving you too. You got a little teary eyed and said you wanted me to read books to you in bed so of course I did. We sang songs after I turned out the light and you squeezed my neck and patted my cheek and said "Myyyyyy mommy" so sweetly I almost cried. And you'll always be myyyyyy Livvy!
I love you,


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe she's 2 1/2! So glad we got to visit with you so much this week. Love you!


Anonymous said...

That child is just too precious for words. The apple doesn't fall from from the tree (either one of them). Can't wait to see you all and squeeze my girl in just a couple of weeks. Glad you're home safe and had a wonderful trip.

Mom aka Gma

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