Friday, March 16, 2012

Opening Season

Olivia's Patio is officially open for the 2012 year and we've been having fun in it all week! Well, the first part of the week, now we have the flu, but Liv doesn't let that stop her from playing for long. She projectile vomited outside then just kept right on playing!
Don't worry Ryan fixed this mirror.
She likes to be barefoot outside but doesn't like dirt on the bottom of her feet.
She was very concerned about the wasp that kept flying around. I was too.
I'd invite you over to play in the patio with us, but since I told you we have the flu you probably don't want to. But when we are back from our trip to the northwest all the germs should be gone and we can play then!


kmom said...

Papa and Grammy are missing their little playmate. Thanks for the pictures and video.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that bee kept its distance. Its hard to believe that pale little thing will be a beautiful mocha by the end of summer. (I couldn't say she would look like a little Mexican because that wouldn't be politically correct, I'm sure) And I'm afraid her trip to Oregon isn't going to help her attain that beautiful dark complexion either. The sun aint shinin' much here yet. Be sure to bring your winter clothes. Can't wait to see you. Get feeling better soon. Lova lova yall. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Since she is part Indian, is it ok to say she will look like a little American-Indian? (Cherokee tribe?)

kmom said...

Last night, a couple of days later, I realized I should probably have written Native American. Sorry.

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