Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oregon State Song Lyrics Here

I don't know the Oregon state song or I'd put some lyrics in the title. The adults got to have fun in Oregon too, but I didn't take any pictures of the adult fun except this one. I got to go visit my college pal Katie in Portland one day. It might be the last time too but next time I can visit her in South Carolina.
Laura, Carrie, and I met her and her new husband at Kenny and Zukes for a delicious lunch. Then we headed to Powell's of course! I love that place. Have I mentioned I think I could spend all day there? (We missed you Aunt Dawn but I know you're having fun in California!) The rest of the adult fun I'll have to show you via paint illustrations (I'm inspired by Draw play that game right?) Can you guess what all the fun included?
That would be Hunger Games movie time with my bro and sis in laws, and my hubby of course. It was so tense I sat the entire movie with my muscles clenched and I had a crick in my neck afterward. So good. We ate Dairy Queen blizzards at least once a day. I finally met Jessica at Abbys for pizza. She grew up with Ryan and reads my blog and we play Words with friends online and I finally got to meet her. She also won this contest awhile ago. I went out for coffee with Laura, Carrie, and Kelsey one morning and by coffee I mean they all had coffee and I had a delicious smoothie. (see its pink) We continued the laughter and girl chat at Kelsey's one night playing our "go to game"...Loaded Questions. So fun. Abby and Jenny joined us. So much laughter. We also played a few cards games with the fam: Roundhouse rummy, ERS, pounce AKA nertz. Here are some more photos....
Raising a future Settler of Catan
See the name of the beach on the billboard :)


Anonymous said...

nice stick figure of me, that's what I'll look like when I finally get to my goal weight! :D It was great meeting you and I hope we get to hang out again sometime!! Jessica Van Winkle


Yay for Oregon! It really was a wonderful visit! Our family is very blessed that Ryan found such a fun person to hang out with! Thank you Ryan for being so accommodating! Miss you guys tons already!

Monique said...

Glad you had fun in Oregon!

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