Thursday, March 01, 2012

Real Life is for March!

Stop whatever you're doing and watch the 30 Rock episode of "Leap Day." It's one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. It's the whole reason I wore blue and yellow yesterday and went around saying
Anything can happen on Leap Day! Real Life is for March!"
I think that definitely needs to be printed on a shirt. A shirt that I guess you can only wear every 4 years, but it would still be worth it.

To prove anything can happen on Leap Day: the weather was nice enough in February for short sleeves, we saw the animals that NEVER come out at the zoo, and I navigated my way downtown with a toddler and took her to a restaurant with a bunch of people in business suits. The zoo had a special Leap Day celebration with a new frog exhibit. Liv got a free frog toy and there were various frog stations throughout the zoo. Here are Liv and Noah practicing the use of their new "frog tongues."
And here are some of the animals I have NEVER seen at the zoo because they are always hiding. The red panda.
There are 3. Who knew?!
The giant porcupines!
And my fav next to the Okapi, the giant anteater.
I have seen him before but it's rare. Liv also was donned in blue and yellow.
Noah was looking cool in his shades.
Here are some more fun shots we got.
Then we headed downtown for lunch with Allison. I'd never been to Cool Greens before and I highly recommend the Skinny Flatbread pizza. I think it has pesto, roasted grapes, figs, walnuts, arugula, and sundried tomatoes. It might just beat my fav pizza from the Wedge which also has figs and arugula on it. You can see it in my pic of Allison
Thanks Allison for helping me navigate my way downtown. I even parallel parked...ANYTHING can happen on Leap Day!
Just look at that business lady giving my toddler the evil eye. (or maybe it's at me for having a camera). We did not see Leap Day William out and about, but we did have a fun time. Then to top it off when I showed up at church Annaleise was also donned in Leap Day attire, although she said she knew nothing of the holiday colors. It was still a photo worthy moment!
Can't wait to see what could possibly happen on Leap Day 4 years from now! Anything is possible!


The Moores said...

Love the giant blue frog and the meerkats (is that how you spell it?),that pizza looks de.lici.ous, and I guess I need to watch the leap day episode to find out where the blue and yellow attire comes from?

kmom said...

I didn't know there were Leap Day colors. I didn't know there was anything about celebrating Leap Day. Glad you had a great time at the zoo.

Leslie said...

i KNEW if anyone were to embrace leap day willy, it'd be you! i mean, seriously, as i was watching, i thought to myself, "omg, i bet kate's going to wear blue and yellow." HA!

Monique said...

Do you ever watch 'The Middle'? It had a funny episode about Leap Day

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