Thursday, March 29, 2012

Traveling with Liv

My daughter talked non stop from the moment we left Portland until we got to our car in OKC at almost midnight. Six hours of non stop toddler babbling. I'm not exaggerating. Nonstop. Six hours. Do you know how exhausting that is? Its also very entertaining though and I'm glad she was in a good mood for all of it. I do think we should charge people though for being entertained by her. Here are some excerpts I remember off the top of my head from our day......
  • "I love you, I love me, I farted"
  • " Turn dis smoke off mom, gets in my eyes" (referring to the air on the plane)
  • "oh! Dis my favorite pane!" (plane)
  • "Ballaweedas, ballaweedas, ballaweedas!!!!" ( ballerinas) she yelled this about a million times while pirouetting at gate C39
  • She unzipped a strangers suitcase
  • She patted a stranger's bottom
  • "I not wide dis pane, too heavy, I ride yittle pane"
  • "How we know, owie no, howie no!!!!". ??? (not sure what this means but she also repeated this phrase 100 times in a row)
  • "whoa crazy driver!" (anytime the plane bumped or turned)
  • "Who dat man? Who dese peoples?"
  • She locked herself in a stall in the Dallas airport.
  • She helped the janitor scrub the floor in the Dallas bathroom
  • "I hit you mom? I hit you in da face mom?" (uh-no you may not)
  • "See out window daaaadddy, up high daaaaddddy, wanna eat daaadddddy, not buckle my belt daddddyyy, be safe dadddddyyy, want juice dadddddyyyy, play ipad daddddyyy" ( most phrases were followed by a long drawn out daaadddddyyyy....better than moooommmmy :)
  • "Ride dis pane to Dairy Queen?"
  • " Mommy I fall down off chair, bwoke my arm, its booboo. Oh! I all better now!" ( her cousin Violet has a broken arm and all her hurts now are broken arms)
  • "I hold suiscases mommy?"
Ok thats enough. I'm sure there were more entertaining moments and I did get a video of her running around a bit at c39 but I will post it later. We had a great trip but I'm glad to be home. fun posts coming up soon with lots o Oregon pics!


Monique said...

That was hilarious!! Couldn't stop laughing, thanks liv

Jennifer said...

Too funny! I think my favorites are the "whoa crazy driver" and the patting of the stranger's bottom.

kmom said...

Sounds like a week's worth of sugar kicked in. She has the energy (physically and vocally)of her Papa when he was her age. She usually says "tooted" instead of the other. Glad you are back safely!

Anonymous said...

hahaha she is too funny!



It's funny to me that she talked so much. 'Cause I didn't hear her talk that much while she was here. What a crack up! I love the "whoa crazy driver". Miss you guys already! Love ya!

ktsdad said...

Sounds like Ryan is having the unique experience of being his father-in-law's father (at least vicariously :-)

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