Saturday, April 07, 2012

Book review

Great House. I need to read this book again. Once I started piecing it all together, I really started liking it. I figured I would since I liked the author's book A History of Love which I keep meaning to re-read. She is such a beautiful writer and this book was seriously a work of art. I give it a 9 but I have a hard time recommending it unless I know you well enough to think you'd finish it to see the beauty in it. If you like metaphors then you'd like it. It's very confusing in the beginning and each chapter starts off with an entirely different set of people. If you read them each as short stories and realize what they all have in common I think you can appreciate it more, but you really have to finish a chapter at a time or you start to get confused. At least I did. Loved it though and kind of want to re-read it right now but I have 2 others I'm also anxious to read! (Fun Fact: the author Nicole Krauss, is married to Jonathan Safran Foer who wrote Extremely Loud....from my last book review!)

Flowers in the Attic. Hmmm. I dunno what to say about this. I really don't. A friend told me all her co-workers told her to read this series of horror books that were written like 30 years ago and after reading a synopsis I was pretty sure where it was headed and I was correct. I've never read a horror book that I can recall, but it did remind me a lot of certain movies I had seen. It's a ridiculous plot in my opinion, but it was a page turner. There's some sinful family relations going on and overall it was pretty predictable. I was ready to give it a low score but that last chapter threw some curve balls and now I'm kind of wondering what happens in the next book so I'm not sure what to rate it since now I'm intrigued to read more. I'll say a 6 but I don't recommend it. (just found out it's a movie I can watch on Netflix...creeeepy)

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards. My mother in law reads and owns The Cat Who series and I figured I'd finally check it out while I'm there and they are all available on her book shelf. I thought I'd read them when I am visiting and in a few years I will have read them all too! They are pretty short fast mystery novels and I can't tell you about the whole series, but the first one introduces the main character who is a newly hired art column reporter for a newspaper. A cat doesn't solve the mystery but it does have a main role in the crime solving. I assume the cat continues to do so in the other books. Anyway, I'm not a huge mystery novel fan but I give it a 6.

The Family Fang. I believe Aunt Dawn recommended this book to me and I feel like she knows me so well. I loved it. Thanks Dawn! I give it a 9. It would be a 10 but I didn't like the ending so much. It should've ended before it did I think. I've never wanted to flip to the end of a book so badly to find out what happens. It reminded me a lot of American Beauty the movie. It would be a great Wes Anderson film. (ooo it will be a movie in 2014 according to imdb) The whole book deals with a quirky family whose life is their art and they purposefully do weird pranks to illicit reactions from others without them knowing. Their last prank of all may not be a prank though and their kids are trying to figure it all out. It was great and I think a lot of people would like it so I recommend it to anyone! (I picked this for book club but the others didn't seem to like it as much most of them gave it a 6.)

Slapstick. I didn't like this one as much as the other Vonneguts I have read and I'm not sure why, but I will still give it a 5. Much like his other books it's a satire about an apocalyptic world. Hi ho. (you'd only get that if you've read it.) I recommend it if you like satire or other Vonnegut books. Otherwise, don't bother.

What are you reading?

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Thanks for the 6. I always enjoy your review.

Mom aka Gma

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