Friday, April 06, 2012

Bunny Cake / Easter Cookies 101

The bunny cake is nice, because it looks complicated, but it's long as your cake stays together once you dump it from the pan. Even if it doesn't (because mine didn't, it's still salvageable and eatable!) It doesn't require a special pan or really much decorating skill. You start with two circle cakes. I used a box mix, yellow cake, but you can use whatever kind you like.
One of the circles will be the face. One will be cut into the ears and a bow tie like so.
The two pieces on the sides become ears, the one in the middle you turn for the tie. (I let Ryan do this part because the cake was falling apart and he had glued it together for me with icing. He's much more patient and level headed during cooking crises) We immediately put it on the surface I planned to display it on so we wouldn't have to move it after it was decorated. (I let Ryan do this part too but I promise he didn't do anything else!) I had this nice tray and put green paper down with wax paper over it for easy serving/clean up. When your pieces are in place you can ice it. I used two cans of store bought cream cheese icing but I whipped it first in my kitchen-aid. This doubles the amount of icing and makes it fluffier and easier to spread. I had a little bit left over but I don't know if one can would've been enough. Really glob it on so you don't get cake crumbs in your icing. My grandmother topped hers with coconut, but I do not like coconut, so I didn't. Once it's iced, you can decorate it. I used black licorice for the whiskers, jelly beans on the tie, eyes, and mouth, icing for the ear outlines and filled in with pink glitter sprinkles.
Now onto the cookies.
I also used store bought sugar cookie mix and obviously egg shaped cutter. The cookies turned out okay but I wish I had just bought a white icing to outline with instead of the colors. The important part is that they were delicious! After you make your cookies and let them cool, you can outline the design you want on them. Then make different colors of icing (powdered sugar, milk, almond extract, light corn syrup) I found using a baby rubber coated spoon helpful for spreading it around it small outlined spaces. It takes awhile but it was fun to me! This is what my counter looked like.
Then add sprinkles or whatever touches you want.
Some turned out better than others but I'm learning what works and what doesn't.
Then I just used Livs stuffed animals, baskets and easter eggs to decorate the table. I used my grandmother's linens and hankies on top of the table cloth. Pro Tip: (cuz if I do it once, I'm a pro) I made the cookies Tues at nap time, let them cool, then outlined them, then decorated them Tues night. I made the cake Wed at nap time and decorated it Wed night and set up the table. The party was Thursday morning and it was nice not to have to do much besides wake up, feed the toddler, get dressed, party!


kmom said...

Wow! Everything looks great! I'm super impressed with your ability to plan ahead and actually do the things ahead. Great timing!

Anonymous said...

Mom aka Gma

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