Monday, April 09, 2012

Can you tell we read this book a lot?

At one of the airports on our last flight, Liv saw a letter "A" and said out loud "A is for Annie." That's a line from her Thomas the Train ABC book we read often, so I thought I'd see how far she could go. She knew the entire book by heart! (Except for Q because queue isn't a word we use in America). I actually got it on video, sorry it's in the bath tub but she's pretty stubborn these days so I gotta take it when she'll perform!
Since you probably don't have the book that's Annie, Bertie, Clarabel, Diesel, Engine Shed, Fat Controller, Gordon, Harold, Ice Cream, James, Kite, Luggage, Mountain, Newspaper, Ostrich, Percy, Queue, Railway, Signal, Thomas, Umbrella, Van, Window, Xmas, Yacht, Zebra.


ktsdad said...

Grandparents love it - even in the bathtub :-)

Jennifer said...

I think Clarabel and Fat Controller are my favorites, but I did enjoy her version of the ABC song. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

That started my day with a chuckle. Yes, grandparents love it-especially in the bathtub. I'll say it again-my grandchildren are the most adorable (and smartest) kiddos in the entire world. Kiss my baby girl for me.

Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

best. video. to. date.

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