Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day in the Life of Liv

A Monday to be exact. I tried to document a lot of our day in pictures just for the fun of it. Liv awoke at about 7:30 hollering for me. She was ready to play the moment her feet hit the floor. She donned her boots and started a game of dominoes with bear while I folded 3 loads of laundry. 
Then the domino turned into a tiny phone and we made phone calls to Caleb, Roxanne, and Lexie. Lots and lots of phone calls. 
While I put away the laundry and tidied the house she played with letter magnets on the washer....
and did who knows what with bears in laundry baskets....
and played grocery shopping. Plastic bags are good toys for toddlers right? 
Then we had a yummy meal of yogurt and breakfast burritos. 
While I got dressed for the day she picked her nose and watched some Sesame Street. 
Then it was her turn to begrudgingly get out of her jammies and have her hair brushed. But she decided it was worth it for a trip to the park!
Someone called on the phone so now is the time to play on the ipad so mommy can chat on the phone without toddler interruptions

We tried out Kite Park in Nichols Hills and met Elle and Todd there. There was swinging 
and climbing

and playing

and digging in the sand

and pinching Todd's cheeks

and a picnic
Then it was time to come home for more outdoor playing. And a brief explanation of why it's ok to pee in the grass but not poop in the grass.

Putting clothes back on after doing her business in the grass.

Counting to 10 while mommy hides things in the sand box.

Finding the hidden things.

While I put new sheets on her bed she played with bubbles. But a quick glance outside caught her in the act...

...of smearing bubbles on her legs like "lotion"

Then time to clean up for reading before nap time.

I should say rest time because she did not fall asleep. After awhile of hearing her chat with her bears in bed I told her she could get out of bed and play quietly but she had to stay in her room until mommy got her. This usually goes well, but today I heard a bang followed by crying. When I walked in, one of her shelves had been torn off the wall. I think she climbed them like a ladder. (there is supposed to be a shelf between those other two shelves.)

After drying tears it was time to clean up and head to the church for mentoring. 
But first we must put on our shoes.
She read a book on the way there.

Liv played with Miss Rachel while mommy helped someone with homework and brushed up on her mean, median, and mode skills
Then we came home to wait for daddy on the porch. 
Mommy headed to the gym while Liv and Daddy ate dinner and skyped with grandparents. Then it was bath time.

 Then she read more books with mommy. Then the day ended much like it started: with an adorable girl in her jammies.
Except this time she was exhausted instead of ready to play!



What a perfectly wonderful day. She is just too adorable! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading about her day. I'm very thankful she made time to skype Grandma and Grandpa during her busy day. Such a sweetie. Love, Gma aka Mom

Anonymous said...

Busy girl! SO glad she called me!!!! :)

Monique said...

What sweet pictures! It was fun to read about her day

AM said...

I love it! I started one of these on Tuesday, and took a picture every hour...but then forgot and took no more after 2:00PM. What a bust!

kmom said...

What a busy, fun day! Thanks for recording it in pictures and captions.

Leslie said...

love this.

lauren and brad said...

man...i know it's just a typical day but when you type it all out it makes me tired! xoxo you are a good mommy.

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