Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Party!

Originally I decided to throw an Easter party for Liv and her friends because I wanted to make a bunny cake and not eat it all by myself. But it was so much fun I think I will have one every year!
My grandmother used to make a bunny cake for us, and I think I'd like to carry on her tradition. The cake and Easter egg cookies turned out pretty well I think, but I'll do a separate cake/cookie post tomorrow, for now I'll just share party pics. Here's the best group shot that I got, and I think only half the kids are even in it!
Danielle made these awesome carrot treats out of crescent roll dough, egg salad and parsley
Oh the anticipation! Lined up awaiting for the hunt to begin!
Aaaand they're off!
She may be small but her egg hunting skills are top notch. Isabella quickly finds a blue one in the lillies.
Olivia is on her home turf so she thinks she has a one up on everyone. We'll see little toddler, we'll see.
Audrey is pumped to find a peach one, but her excitement phases no one else. They are focused, with one goal in mind: MUST. FIND. EGGS.
Oliver Nash is new to the bunch but that does not phase him. A yellow one for the newcomer!
These brothers know all about teamwork and their skills helped them find lots of pastel treats!
Elle doesn't take the hunt lightly. She searches hard with a stern look on her face. She will surely succeed.
A grand sweep to make sure they got em all.
And a march back into the house to see what loot was waiting inside those eggs.
Now they get to enjoy the bunny cake. Yum yum! (Actually I think they enjoyed the cookies more. There was lots of cake left over. Anyone want to help me eat it?)
There was lots of time for play after the festivities were over. Can you count how many blonde curls are in this pic?
I would like baby Todd in my Easter basket. I can't get enough of those cheeks!!
Lynn and Dr. Annee were having fun.
With their bellies full, Audrey and Ben were ready for a story.
Elle picked a book out too.
This is how Jenna feels about having to go to class and missing the egg hunt.
Ok one more shot of this little butterball of cuteness with his pretty mama.
Thank you friends for making this party so much fun.
Next year will be even bigger and better. I might even bust out some crafts or egg decorating or resurrection rolls!

(Pro tip: don't leave plastic eggs outside when all kids are gone. The dog might've eaten a few....I hope she doesn't die because that would seriously put a damper on next year's party. I love you Charlie!)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! The cake looks good, too!


kmom said...

The cake, cookies, and "carrots" look great! You are super! Glad you shared with friends in person and on the blog.

AM said...

The party was awesome! Bigger and better next year?! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I think finding plastic eggs in the yard are better than finding real eggs a couple of weeks later. Phew!!! I'll take some of that cake. Put on some coffee. I'll be right over.

Love ya, Happy Easter. Mom aka Gma

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