Sunday, April 22, 2012

How We Roll

Most days there are well balanced meals for dinner. But then some days the kitchen is covered in sawdust and Cornflakes are about all I can manage. To make up for this though, we go out for ice cream afterward.   
In pajamas and princess shoes of course. 
(Fun fact: Liv calls cornflakes, snowflakes)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a GREAT idea. I'll have to remember that next time Rick starts remodeling our kitchen. Ice Cream!!!!! (Maybe not in my pjs though)

kmom said...

That reminds me of the pretty pale pink knit pants outfit you wore when you were about her age. Some people would ask me, "Why is she wearing pajamas?" I didn't know it was pajamas. It was so cute.

Monique said...

Cute pictures!

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