Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kitchen Update

I know you've all been waiting patiently. Here are glimpses of the kitchen with the cabinets painted and the hardware on!
As you can see just the top is done and the bottom is a good shot of the "before." This is one of the corner built ins. There's still some tape up but I think you can ignore that.
And here are some shots of the worker bees working...I've been painting too but since I'm the one who takes the pics....there's no proof but my word!

We only have about 1/4 of the work done as far as cabinets go, but we've at least picked out some things for the kitchen! Here are pics with updated pricing for all those interested in how much a do it yourself kitchen reno is.

This is the Kohler sink (not faucet) we chose from Lowe's. It's cast iron with double equal basins and is $246. A bit pricey, but I love it and all the reviews on the acrylic sinks mention chipping so we will go with the more expensive one if it will last! Ikea doesn't carry one in a good size for our space and I don't mind spending money on something I really like especially since we are saving so much by Ryan building our cabinet doors! This is the faucet we chose, also from Lowe's. We could've kept the same faucet we have now but I wanted it to match the hardware finish. It's $98. Faucets just aren't cheap. This is the light I love for above the kitchen table. It's from HomeDepot and is $69. I also liked the finish on this and you can make the globes face up or down! The hardware is from Lowe's and is aged bronze finish. We got 26 knobs for about $70 because we could buy some in bulk. The ones I got samples of from Amazon were cheap and chipped easily so we went with the nicer ones. (We were going to need 43 knobs but I decided we didn't need knobs on the tiny upper doors because we never use them anyway!)The Drawer pulls are $3.44 a piece and we needed about 18 of them so that's about $70.
The hinges aren't fun to take pics of but they are also antique bronze or oil rubbed bronze, whatever you want to call it and were about $70. So all the hardware combined is about $210 (all you accountants out there are cringing at my use of "about" while giving totals I am sure :)

The counter tops will still be butcher block and we are going to buy them from Ikea in Frisco, TX. (Anyone have a truck we can borrow to pick them up in? We will be asking around :) They will run us about $425 and they'll be unfinished so we will also have to add in the cost to stain and seal them which we will be learning about online. Thank you internet! The subway tile backsplash is free leftovers from the Moores home project. Thank you Moores!

Even though we haven't purchased all of these things I'll still count them in the grand total so I don't have to do the math later.
So far the grand total is about: $1366
Wood for cabinets: $250
Paint: $52
Countertops: $425
Hardware: $210
Sink & faucet: $344
Lighting: $69
Tile: Free!
Samples: $16

I was hoping to keep the whole things under about $2500 and it looks like we might be able to do it as long as our appliances keep working! We will still need to buy some more paint for the walls, stuff to lay tile with, probably more wood, maybe 2 other flush mount lights, and fabric. I'm sure I'm missing something!
On a sad note: I have looked many places and can't a fabric I like. I'm still mad I didn't order it when I found one I liked online! Lesson learned. I hope we can be done by mid June at the latest (fingers crossed). The bulk of building is done now its just sanding and painting and putting together and we're still only working really on the weekends. Stay tuned for more progress!


Shannon said...

Maybe we can find a fabric place here to go to when you visit.

Anonymous said...

It is looking Grrreat! You can borrow our truck. Come by any time.

Love Mom aka Gma

Monique said...

Looking good! Yall are working hard

Anonymous said...

Finally! I love the paint color and the hardware. I'm very impressed with you guys. I may hire you when I build my house!

dshrock said...

looks good! you can borrow our pick up, but if you want to take Liv someone would have to ride in the little jump seat in the back. just going to let you know it's available!

Shawn and Becky said...

Love it! Love that you're doing it yourslef - it feels so good when it's done to have had a hand in it.

Jennifer said...

We've got a truck, and we'd be more than happy to pick them up for you, but I am not sure how we would get them to you.

kmom said...

Looks good! I especially like the kitchen faucet and Ryan's little helper.

Erin said...

I love it!!!! I wasn't sure how much of a difference it would be since your previous cabinets are green, but the ones Ryan built and painted are SO beautiful. I love the color!

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