Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My Little Tribute

I channeled Katniss Everdeen with this hairdo, but my daughter better never be in the Hunger Games!
Let's talk about that movie.
(Don't read through if you aren't done with the books. Spoilers might occur)
  • I thought it was a very good adaptation of the book.
  • The only parts I didn't like were the fire on their outfits and her twirling in the fiery dress and how fake it was when they came in on the chariot. And Haymitch wasn't drunk enough. Other than that, excellent.
  • Some people were bothered by the mutts not having the tributes faces and the fact that her cat was black (even though it was named Buttercup) and the story of the pin but I didn't mind those as much. Probably because it's been over a year since I read it so the details were blurry anyway.
  • I broke a record for how many times someone can say "May the odds be ever in your favor" in a 24 hour period
  • Who knew that Effie was Elizabeth Banks?! I can't believe I didn't recognize her until like half way into the movie! Great makeup job.
  • I was physically sore after the movie because I kept my shoulders by my ears the entire time. So tense! And I knew what was going to happen!
  • I might have said "this is too tense for me" one too many times out loud to Ryan during the movie
  • I liked the way they portrayed the game controllers. It was better than I had imagined it in my head when I read the books. Wasn't sure how they'd do it but I liked it!
  • I wanted to cry during the reaping, but I didn't.
  • I wanted to cry when they rushed the cornucopia and the blood bath occurred, but I didn't.
  • I also wanted to cry when Rue died, but I didn't.
  • I also wanted to cry when Ryan reminded me Cinna would die in one of the movies. (Not Lenny!!)
  • Tracker Jacker face = guh-ross
  • The girl who played Katniss was perfect for the role. She has blonde hair in real life, and I didn't realize that's who was on all the magazine covers in the airport.
  • Peeta was ok, but I loved Gale.
  • I liked the way they did the Capitol and all the futuristic people in it.
  • We walked home from the theater in Oregon and I kept looking for people in trees shooting arrows at me.
  • It was quite a bit more disturbing to see than to read. I think I'll have a hard time seeing the next three in the theater. I'm sure I will, but I'm sure I'll be sore after them as well!
  • Speaking of next three, the last one will be made into 2 movies. To me, the last book was the least interesting and I don't know how they'll get 4 or 5 hours out of it but I guess we will see!
  • I just read all these and laughed out loud at how silly and confusing it would sound if you haven't read the books.
  • Read the books, people! ....and may the odds be ever in your favor :)


Michelle said...

I forgot he died too....I might have to re-read the second book. I did cry during the reaping, but I just had a baby, my hormones are still not right.....but I loved the movie. Jeremy wants to see it so I'll be going again, at some point....

Kalei said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm looking forward to seeing it with Rylan on our first date since Po'okela being born and moving!!

Anonymous said...

Great review. I can't wait for the next movie.

Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

I loved the books..thank you for talking me into reading them. I wasn't such a fan of the movie. I did the love the people in the Capitol and their make up and costumes. Katniss...perfect. Gale...hot. Peeta...not so much.

JanaGriffis said...

I generally agree with you on this! I was very happy with the movie. It's probably one of the better adaptation's I've seen, considering I loved the book and also loved the movie.

They would have had no way to pull of the mutts looking like the tributes without it being a joke. But it did bother me that they lied about the pin.

I cried... at all of those parts. I did while reading them too. Hahaha.

I thought the casting was PERFECT.. except for Peeta. All I could think about when I saw him was all of the terrible Disney movies he's been in. They needed someone bigger and broader.. and actually handsome. Haha. In the book you're kind of supposed to fall in love with Peeta and there was no way that was happening for me with the movie Peeta.

By the way... I changed my mind about Don Draper. I'm totally in love with him now. Even his face. :)

Leslie said...

@janagriffis's don draper comment = ha!

-agree on fire, stupid twirling, and lack of bloodshot eyeballs on haymitch in the close-ups.
-i literally screamed out loud at one point in the movie. like when k+pee were trying to walk quietly through the woods and you knew something was going to happen and suddenly something did? do you remember what it was? the scream shocked any memory out of me.
-controllers were awesome (one of my friends played out the gag reel on that one. like she acted several takes on the communication between the director and the lady controller. "no! swoop your hand bigger! tap twice! ugh!!"
-tracker jacker....jacket? regardless, i was unimpressed with the portrayal of the bug. in my brain they looked radioactive.
-team gale.
-i wish it was acceptable to dress like the capital people. i'd wear crazy false eyelashes everyday if it were ok.
-i had to pee so badly.
-"the fact that her cat was black (even though it was named Buttercup)" ..... i read that some people took issue with the same casting decision about Rue. whatever.
-how crazy are the little sister's eyes?
-how LOUD were the parachutes? anyone could hear that from miles away! dead giveaway and i'd be PISSED if i were hiding out and someone decided to send a parachute to me. actually, that'd be a big strategy, right? you're from district 1 and have loads of money so you send a parachute to district 11 who's hiding in a cave or something? lame.

Ryan and Katie said...

Good point on the parachutes. I forgot to mention it but thought the same thing!

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