Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Newsletter: 31 Months

Dear Olivia,
Another month and more traveling! Last month it was Tennessee and this time it's Oregon. You had so much fun with your cousins and Grandparents and Aunts and maybe even the Uncles when you warmed up to them! Sometimes you ask if we can go play with one of your cousins and I try to explain they live far away but we will see them again in a few months and we can always skype! Today you woke up crying from nap saying you wanted to go to grandma's house. It's just hard for you to understand why we can't see them whenever we want!
Some of your fun phrases this month include:
"This not taste." (meaning you don't think it tastes good)
"Better hurry mom." (you say this running to the car, or the potty, or at random times.)
"Weady go." (usually said in a whiney voice immediately after breakfast. I better have something planned because you're always ready to go somewhere!)
"Member when...(insert random event that happened)?"
"I can't miss you." (You say this when I'm leaving for the gym. I don't know if it means you will miss me or won't miss me, but it's cute either way!)
"Haba Wha?!" (Super Grover phrase)
"Whatever Mom" (You said this once in Oregon and it floored me, thankfully I haven't heard it since!)
You are very hyper aware of boo boos this month. You have to check on your skinned knees or hangnails several times a day and give reports on how they are doing. If they hurt, if they looks better, if you need a doctor, or if God has healed you. But it also extends to other people. At the Easter party we were all playing in the room and you pointed to each person with a booboo and explained where their booboos were and how they got them. Then you share all of yours with them. You ask me at certain times throughout the day if Genevieve's boo boo on her nose is better or Noah's. It was cute at first but it's getting a little ridiculous now!
I set up a little area in the hallway on a tray for you to play with pens, pencils, stickers, cards and envelopes whenever you want. I put your little mailbox there and you like to write cards to people and put them in there. No matter how many times I go over the places we can put stickers (paper, our clothes) I will occasionally find a random sticker on a pillow, or on the wall, or inside of a book. Even though it's frustrating that you seem to not be able to understand this rule it does make me smile when I open the shower and find a sticker on a tile.
It's warm enough to wear dresses therefore we had to teach you what bloomers are. You were confused at first thinking you were having to wear 2 pairs of underwear. I explained that bloomers cover up your underwear so you don't flash your lady parts and underwear to other people. Now everytime you wear a dress you say "Where my boomers? Not fash my yady parts!" It's a good thing we remembered them Easter Sunday or else you might have given the whole church a peep show while on stage!
One day at BenDes's house you were all outside washing the toy cars in the buff and the boys were peeing in the grass so when you said you needed to go I told you that you could pee in the grass too. You thought it was so fun. However the next week I was on the toilet and I heard you say "Charlie need pee pee mom, I open door." I said that was ok then I heard you yell "I pee pee in grass like Charlie mom." I wasn't in a position to run out after you, but I hurried out as soon as I could and you looked at me and said "Oops! I all wet! I pee my shoes, my dress, my panties!" I had to explain you can only pee in the grass if your naked outside. So many rules!
I'm not sure if you've been getting your 2 year molars or just not feeling well this past week but you haven't been yourself. You've been extra whiney and just want to sit in my lap instead of play. You've also been grinding your teeth something fierce when you sleep. I picked you up early from Mother's Day Out today because they called to let me know you just weren't acting like yourself. I came to see what was wrong and you just wanted to spend time with me, so I let you run some errands with me. I enjoy the extra snuggles, but I also hope you are feeling ok and that you are back to your playful happy self soon too! I do love knowing that I can still comfort you when you are sad and I hope that doesn't ever go away!
This month you've been playing the deaf card a lot. You ask SEVERAL times after I answer question "Huh?" or "What you say mom?" or you just keep asking the question over and over and over again. We were starting to worry about your hearing so we started whispering things and you'd repeat it back just fine, so I think you are just having selective hearing problems.
Yesterday in the car I let you hold onto the money for the round and round at the science museum. I could see you studying the coins very carefully in the rear view mirror and you held up the penny and said "This Jesus Mom?" I said no it's Abraham Lincoln. He was a president. You said "Oh ok, he look like my Jesus."
I try to remember the days before a child and it's pretty fuzzy. I think your daddy and I went out to eat a lot and to see movies a lot. These days though weekend fun consists of going to Chick-fil-A for dinner, indoor playground fun, a trip to the pet store, then to the bookstore for some Thomas at the train table action. I wouldn't change it for anything either!

I love you,


Anonymous said...

Happy 31 months sweet Olivia. Grandma wishes you could come to her house too. Soon Soon! Love you much. Grandma

Shawn and Becky said...

We whisper in our house too to check hearing! She's adorable and sounds like so much fun.

Monique said...

Like the Abraham Lincoln comment! :)

kmom said...

I like reading about Olivia. Sometimes stickers that are on clothes will accidently come off on their own and stick accidently to walls, pillows, and books.

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