Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tonight, We Are Young

My mom was a little worried that we were blown away in a tornado since I haven't updated the blog this weekend. Or she thought maybe Ryan cut his hand off on a table saw working on the kitchen. She has a good imagination. I'll credit her with mine :) Here's a list of random weekend events with no pics to go along.
  • I've been sleeping very poorly lately, so Friday afternoon I took a ridiculously awesome long nap while it stormed outside.
  • Then we had a cookout with some friends in was more of a cook-in since it was raining.
  • Stayed up late watching various weathermen kick off Oklahoma tornado season 2012
  • Finished Felicity season 3....hoping she learns to put a bra on in season 4...seriously what is with that?
  • Slept through the tornado sirens at 2:30 am and didn't find out about them until I got on facebook the next day.
  • Saturday morning Liv and I went to the gym where I zumba'd and she did who knows what in child care. Ryan worked on the kitchen cabinets.
  • Then Liv and I went to a cute store that our friend works at in the Plaza. I bought a shirt. Liv demolished the rest of the store.
  • Came home, ate lunch, napped, read some, got ready for a hot date with my hubby
  • Prepared the hallway with tornado supplies for the babysitter
  • Allison came over to babysit while we darted out for Joey's pizza and a movie
  • Had a wonderful evening with my husband and wish we could go out every weekend!
  • When we came home, Allison said at Liv's bedtime she asked her what she wanted to pray about and she said "Mommy and Daddy's date." What a little sweetie.
  • Stayed up to watch the weathermen while reading over my Bible lesson
  • Churched it up Sunday morning, taught 1st and 2nd graders a lesson on faith.
  • Came home, made meatloaf
  • Ate meatloaf in playroom. All meals are being eaten in the playroom right now. The kitchen is a mess and the table is taken over by things in the cabinets. Saw dust (is it still saw dust if a saw wasn't used?) is everywhere and I'm hoping in a few days I'll have a table back. Liv is getting spoiled by the tv tray....but we do not turn the tv on while we eat! Unless there are tornadoes near.
  • Ryan and I both sanded and painted on the kitchen most of the afternoon while Liv napped. We got another corner cabinet done and most of the lower cabinet bases on the sink side and a few more cabinet doors done.
  • Finished reading Calm My Anxious Heart....such a great book.
  • Liv and I grocery shopped while Ryan attempted to get the mildew smell out of his car. The door was left cracked a bit all weekend in the storms. guh-ross.
  • Put groceries away, ate dinner in the playroom, talked to my mom on the phone to let her know we were alive, Ryan put Liv to bed, now I'm laying here blogging and thinking of starting my next book since I don't think the weathermen will be on tonight. I bet they are tired after this weekend.
  • Good night!


Anonymous said...

So thankful you guys are okay and the worst of it passed you by. FYI I'll babysit ANYTIME you want me to. No, really, I mean ANYTIME. Please Please Please.

Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Now I know what you were doing all weekend, since we didn't talk long on the phone since I had company. Today's newspaper had a big article about the tornado in OK on Saturday. Once the free magic airplanes get to working right, Mona and I can take turns coming to babysit.

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