Monday, May 07, 2012

Cast Iron Sink Graveyard

Who needs Lowe's when you've got Habitat for Humanity Renovation Station?! We'd been a few times to see if there was anything we could use for our kitchen but somehow never knew you could go into the warehouse and outside. (Thanks Lo for finding that out and telling me!) HUNDREDS of cast iron sinks in excellent to poor conditions are just laying there for 20 bucks each! Since we originally were going to spend $246 on one, I'd say that's an excellent deal! The one we picked is to Olivia's left in the very back.
Here it is glad to have found a new home. It's just dirt in the bottom that needs to be cleaned out. 
So if we subtract the money we saved the total is back down to $1246. 

There are also tons of toilets, tubs, bathroom sinks, granite, and other stone counters out there (no butcher block today though). Definitely check it out if you are doing any home renovation...look for the door in the back to the right marked "warehouse." I guess we never noticed it before!

Ryan got sick at the end of the week with a really high fever so we ended up postponing our trip to get the countertops til next week. They are out of stock according to the online info but they do have oak so we are going to at least go look at them to see if that will work. Ikea is impossible to get anyone's help on the phone with so we don't know what else to do except drive there and see for ourselves! Either way it turned out to be a productive weekend because we got started on the last of the cabinets AND got a cheapo awesome sink! Here's the progress!
As far as woodworking goes, we still have most of the drawers to do and of course the area by backdoor. 

This is what was in the lower cabinets on one side that is now covering our tables and buffet :) 
We might be eating outside or in the playroom for our next few meals!


The Moores said...

We love our Habitat Re-Store too! We were just there last weekend and got a ceiling fan for Alice's room. Nice find on the kitchen sink. And we hope you're feeling better Ryan!

Anonymous said...

I hope Ry is better. I hate it when my kiddos are sick. Hurray for the great find at the HFH store. Dad and I love going to Rebuilders Supply to shop when we remodel. I don't know why anyone would buy new when used is just as good and much cheaper the majority of the time.
Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Your kitchen is coming along nicely. Hope Ryan and everyone else is well.

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