Thursday, May 31, 2012

Houston: Still no problems!

After a day of soaking in the sun at the beach we came home to grill out, hang out on the porch, and play Settlers of course!
On Sunday morning we got all dolled up for church and got a group photo. 
I love this one because Monica took it while we were preparing for the photo. ha!
After church we got to drive by and see Matt and Shanny's new house they will be closing on soon!! 
We will get to stay in this beautiful home next time we visit!
Then back to John and Monica's for more kiddie pool time with Lucy. At some point Ryan and Matt went to see the Avengers and Shanny and I went to Joann's Fabrics while Olivia slept. (Don't worry John and Monica were home!)
 We found out Texas ducks aren't too proud to eat leftovers!
Oh and a rousing game of Fireball Island which is an awesome board game from Matt's childhood. 
I think it looks like a birthday cake sort of.
On Monday morning we played around the house before deciding on our plans.
Then we ventured out to see the 60+ foot tall Sam Houston statue.
Ryan said "It's life size. Sam Houston built Texas with his own hands."
He also said there were probably controls behind this head that controlled the real statue. HA! My hubby makes me laugh. I personally would never want to see an effigy of myself so large but Sam was probably a proud Texan like the rest of 'em so he'd be all for it. 
Then we headed to Huntsville to check out the Texas Prison Museum. It's a small museum but we spent a good hour there and it was very well done.
There was a lot of info on the Texas Prison Rodeo that ran for quite a few years. Also info on how the prison system has changed over the years, infamous prisoner facts, honors for fallen prison guards, artwork made from various simple objects like toilet paper or matches. 
Check out this "Prisonopoly" board game one guy made! It said they confiscated it during a "shakedown" but he begged the guard to send it home to his mother. The guard agreed on the stipulation that he make another one for the museum. If you can zoom in, read some of what the mailroom cards say. 
There was info about death row, the actual electric chair that killed several criminals until they quit doing that like 50 years ago, a jail cell for photo ops, and a case full of  weapons prisoners have made that have been confiscated. You can get pretty crafty when you've got a lot of time on your hands. (Don't ever go to jail might blow the world away with how creative you can be!) 
Liv enjoyed these rocking horses made by prisoners for the kids who tour the museum.
 And you could buy all sorts of things in the gift shop hand crafted by prisoners and books written by local people who worked in the prison system. It was a bit depressing, but it made me very thankful for the people who work in the jail system and law enforcement, including my parole officer bro-in-law Joe. It's one of those job areas that I would NEVER want to do but I'm glad somebody does! 
Then we headed home for a long journey while this little one kept us entertained in the back seat! 
When she wasn't sleeping. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised ya didn't climb up and try to pick the tall guys nose. Katie, you could work for the Houston chamber of commerce too. You make me want to visit sometime. Glad you're home safe. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Glad you all had a great time!

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