Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Houston, We have no problems!

Cheesy title, but whatever we really had no problems on this trip (except a little map confusion going to Ole Sal's)! We all stayed healthy and happy and Liv was a great traveler and sleeper. We started off Thursday evening headed to Mansfield to stay in the Pinon Palace. We got there very late so we didn't get to play with Elizabeth until the morning, but we did get some good late night chat in with Ole Sal and Jonathan. 

We didn't get to play long though because we were headed further south to Houston (The Woodlands for those familiar with the area). Texas is a large state if you didn't know. A VERY LARGE STATE. And they are proud and they have their own pledge of allegiance and blah blah. Anyway we made it in time to the Meredith's house (Matt's parents) where we were promptly greeted by this sign.
We awaited Matt to get home from work so we could go swimming at their friends' pool. 

Liv was anxious to show off her skills so Ryan threw her in! 
Just kidding! He didn't really do that. It was beautiful weather! After dinner and Liv's bedtime we wasted no time in busting out the games. Hoopla and Farkle were up first. 

Lucy wasn't interested in games.

After Shannon drew about 50% of this balance beam, I guessed Nadia Comanechi...that's how connected our brains are!
The next morning we headed to the beach at Galveston. Liv was excited and had been reading her beach books in preparation. 
But she passed out holding my hand on the drive down.
It's not Yellow Hat Matt anymore...it's beach hat Matt!
There's the Houston skyline.
I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't prepared for the massive amounts of sea weed at the Galveston shore, but there was still sand and waves and sun and friends, so we had fun! I'll let the pics tell the story though.
It only took about 3 hours but she finally warmed up enough to run in the water and play in it without someone holding her. 
Then there was lots of fun to be had!

To be continued......


kmom said...

Glad you had fun! Glad you had lots and lots of time so Olivia finally got use to the water. That seeweed is surprising. I would have never imagined a beach like that.

Anonymous said...

Is the water really that warm in May? What fun! Love, Mom aka Gma
P.S . Tell Ry that my word recognition so I could post this blog is "settlers". Does he ever get to play?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say so I could post this "blog comment".

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes we played in houston and hope to teach joyce and rachel if they have any free time!

H said...

I love trips to Houston, we go about every year to see the Lahmeyers, now we will get to see the Merediths too. I wish we had a 'woodlands' like area in okc, I love that area with all the awesome and plentiful tall trees.
PS I love your bathing suit!

AM said...

Looks like lots of fun! And you look super cute in your suit!

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