Friday, May 25, 2012

List of Hodge Podge

The mentoring year has come to an end and we celebrated by having a life size candy land game. I was the chocolate swamp monster (hence all the brown). Paige and I had another awesome year together and Liv is just glad she got a blue sucker.
Our flowers from last summer are still blooming because the winter never killed them. These flowers however are growing from a crack on our porch and are the heartiest of all. God's just proving his point that He's the best gardener of all!
We had fun with Izzy at Kite Park last week. Fun Fact: There are no flies in Nichols Hills. There was an opened banana on our picnic blanket all afternoon and no insect ever landed on it. If it had been in my backyard 100 flies would have consumed it in 10 seconds. Kind of cool but kind of DO they do it?
And no flies tried to eat the food off Izzy's face either. She's clearly puzzled.
Liv lined her trains up like this and when I started to take a picture she looked at them and said "Say Cheese guys!"
Liv and Elle having fun at our house. How did I not take a picture of Todd while he was here? Please forgive me Toddy.
 Allison is in charge of Soundbites downtown this month and we went to listen to free music at the lunch hour with her one day. Then we got to see her office. Liv's got the urge to be a big city girl one day now! The whole time we were walking downtown she kept saying "Why dese buildings so tall mom?"
 Painting toenails while waiting for daddy to come home.
 Sleepover pics taken by Jenna. These two really do look like siblings sometimes. Especially with their matching tan skin already!


kmom said...

Thanks for the pictures and comments. I can't believe how well the flowers in the porch crack are doing. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I love that Olivia is still so attached to her green bear. So cute.
Love, Mom aka Gma

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