Thursday, May 24, 2012

Messy Fun

Sometimes we do weird activities. 
I remembered Liv liked playing in shaving cream at Keely's party, so one day last week after rest time, I told her to don her swim suit while I hid her foam bath tub letters in shaving cream in the pool outside. 
I gave her a towel, tub of water, and spray bottle and then just took pics until I was ready to go clean up the kitchen and watch the messy fun from the window. 
(Or pause to throw the bone to Charlie.) 
The best part about it is when you're done, you just turn the hose on her...Olivia not Charlie!

Yes my daughter also wore this same swimsuit 2 years ago when she was 9 months old! Swimsuits are stretchy! 
Look at my baby!


kmom said...

What creative fun! Glad you have learned that some clothes can be worn for years -- even by kids.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Again, you are so creative and I am so impressed. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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