Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend!

Sometimes Ryan and I get to go out without a kid and I forget to take photos, so it's not as much fun to post about. This time I told myself I was going to photograph the fun so it can be immortalized on the interweb. (I recently made the comment that I would only want an iphone so I could take instagram photos, so my techno savvy husband found a free photoshop tool that mimics it for me. Therefore I now will show you our weekend fun in "Instagram" style. I just used one filter because I was too lazy)

We ditched the kid and the dog and headed to Texas Friday afternoon in a borrowed truck (to pick up counter tops). Ryan said we had to be there at 4:00 because that's when the movie started. I love it when he makes plans that I know nothing about. I told him not to tell me the whole way there so I could stay excited :)  But despite the rush, we still had time to stop for Dairy Queen!
I took a nap while Ryan drove, but awoke to help navigate our way as we entered into the Frisco/Plano area.
This is how Ryan feels about google maps and Texas roads.
But we finally made it on time to this theater that only shows independent films where we watched this movie.
Please, if you don't see any other movie this year, see this one. It's a dark comedy and I didn't even know until the very end but it's based on a TRUE story! Craziness. Please find it and watch it. So good.

Then we went to a little restaurant across the street and had a delicious meal.
Then we headed over to the Aloft hotel for some relaxation. A few friends recommended it and it didn't disappoint....except for the fact that there was no hot tub.
Right beside the hotel of course was farm land. Maybe Corn? Any agricultural buffs care to guess?
There was reading of books, watching of cable TV, twiddling of thumbs, and none of it was interrupted by a toddler or dog or domestic violence from across the street. Ah peacefulness!

The next morning we ate breakfast at Le Madeleine. Yum!
Then headed to IKEA in hopes to find countertops in stock. And they were!!
Here is Ryan loading them up in the pick up! (Now that we're home we should probably open them to make sure they aren't cracked or something....oh well, if they are I guess we'll just have to go back on another trip!)
We shopped some more at some other stores then decided it was time to head home...and stop at Dairy Queen again of course! We sure had a great relaxing and productive Mother's Day Weekend!
Thank you to all who helped make it possible by watching our kid, our dog, and letting us borrow a truck!

Now to just get those counters installed for the rest of my Mother's Day Gift :)


kmom said...

Yay! You have your countertops on your property!

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend. So glad everything worked out and you got DQ too. Can't wait to see the countertops installed. Love you guys. Mom aka Gma

tricia said...

aw, fun! did you guys go to the angelika? i've never been to the one at legacy, but love going to the one at mockingbird station. and yay for la madeline!

Ryan and Katie said...

Yep thats what it was called! I thought about you on our drive down, hope we can see each other again soon!

Rebekah said...

Looks like a great weekend, cant wait to see the counters. This Texan will confirm...CORN!

trish said...

Yes, come visit! Just in case you need something else from never know :)

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