Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newsletter: 32 Months

Dear Liv,
The biggest news this month is probably the swim lessons you've started (see more info below) and the kitchen renovation that continues to wreck havoc on the whole household. The picture below sums up how meals are being served and I don't like it one bit, but there really isn't any table space available because it's covered with drawers and tools and kitchen items taken from the cabinets. But we're in the home stretch I think and I hope you won't be too sad when I refuse to let you eat in front of morning cartoons anymore!
Some popular phrases this month include:
"Mommia" (you've started give my name an "ia" at the end when you say it. Maybe so it rhymes with yours?)
"I almost!" (Not sure what this means but you say it a lot when playing outside and you say it proudly!)
"Uggggghhhh! I frustrated!" (You say this with such exasperation it's hard not to laugh)
"Come out boobs!" (You have been pretending you're a baby at times and like to yell this at my shirt and pretend to nurse...let's hope this doesn't happen in public)
"Yet's have a picpic" (Picnic)
"Not wear my beltseat!" (Seatbelt. Don't worrry, she never wins this argument)
Most words with an 'oo' sound have an 'r' in them and it makes me smile
look = yerk    book = berk     cookie = cerkie

This month might be the first in your memory since you finally acquired some Thomas the Train toys! It was the JBF sale and I just could not pass up on them since I know how much you love that crazy locomotive (and have you seen how much they cost retail?!). I wrapped them individually and have let you open one when I see you making a good choice or taking a nap etc. You like to play with them while we wait for daddy on the porch and we build tracks for them out of all sorts of things.
The other day in the car you kept getting excited about seeing fire trucks. You think ANY truck is a fire truck. This includes semis, delivery trucks, city maintenance trucks, uhauls, and even every day trucks. Also any car with flashing lights is a fire truck. This includes ambulances, police cars, trash trucks, etc. Also just any vehicle with wheels that's red is a fire truck. So when you add up all those....I think you can see how the short drive turned into lots of excitement over "fire trucks"!  I've tried explaining the difference but it doesn't seem to register with you. I"ll try again when you're older. You do at least recognize school buses and often talk about wanting to ride on one!
 You've been practicing using scissors this month and have gotten pretty good at it. You are liking to color and draw a little bit more but still don't have much attention span for it. You would much rather take the ink pen apart than write with it! You're favorite books this month are probably My Teacher Sleeps at School, I Was So Mad, and of course your Thomas books.
We've been singing some new songs at bedtime and you really like my rendition of "Where oh where is mommy hiding" and I actually hide in the various spots of your room you name. Sometimes you just make random mouth noises though and we'll sing it that way too! You also like Happy All the Time (you call it the finger song), Our God is so Big, and I'm all Wrapped Up.
You've started recognizing logos this month especially Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell and PBS Kids. You easily picked up on the Norman Chrysler Jeep and Dodge song from a commercial the other day and were singing it around the house. Your daddy said, "Oh no, it's working already!" Your memory of places we've been only a few times really astounds me. We went to toddler yoga only 3 or 4 times months ago and when we drove by it today (it's no longer even a yoga studio) you pointed it out and said "Yoga place mom!"
We started swim lessons this month as I was hoping you could gain some basic floating and/or safety skills since we will be at pools a lot this summer. I know you very well, and I know that your personality is not one that can be pushed into any activity or you immediately become defiant. You have to warm up to things and people and you have to decide to do things on your own terms when you are ready. I thought by getting there early you would be comfortable seeing other kids and the pool. I thought by having 2 of your best buds in class you would be calm and maybe even excited about participating. We talked about it at home and I tried to prepare you best I could. You had a smile on your face the whole way up there until you realized mom and dad were not going to be sitting beside you in the pool. Then you lost it. You refused to even put a toe near the water. 
You wouldn't even look at the nice and very patient teacher while he tried to talk to you. You screamed so long, another little boy started screaming and his mother blamed you, and I almost punched her in the face (I would never do that, but I wanted to!) We let you sit by us on the sidelines for a few minutes and watch your friends swim, but no matter what I said you wanted no part of it. Your daddy finally gave you a calm pep talk and whatever magic words he said, you decided to at least sit by the other kids. And at the very end of class you even let the teacher take you for a brief "swim." We all cheered and clapped and I prayed your second swim lesson wouldn't be as traumatic for you and it wasn't! Tonight you were a little aprehensive but you warmed up much faster and with no tears and even jumped in to the teacher and floated on your back! 
I confessed to a friend that it hurt my feelings a bit that Ryan could talk you down from your screaming at swim lessons (and often other times) and if I try to say the same things you just keep crying and clinging to me with a death grip. She reminded me that I'm your mommy and your mommy is the person you cry to for all sorts of reasons. You might be able to put on a brave face when you're nervous, or when your sick, or when your boyfriend dumps you, but as soon as you see your mommy, you run to her with open arms and let the tears come out. She's right. And as much as I hated that you were so nervous to try something new with a strange teacher, I am glad that I am the one whose arms you run to for safety and reassurance. My arms will always be open for you my love.


Anonymous said...

God in His wisdom intended for children to have two parents because they each fill roles in their kids lives. It's good to hear that you and Ryan make a great team. That sweet girl is such a beautiful child. I see so much of her Daddy in her and I'm sure your mom says she sees so much of you in her. She is the perfect combination of her two wonderful beautiful parents.
Love much, Gma aka Mom

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I wasn't allowed in swimming lessons with cooper, the teacher kicked me out, for the first week. Cause he was so awful, but it got better. I'm also glad our major investment in Thomas the Train won't be a waste for the girls! Cause it's pretty much taking over our house....

Shawn and Becky said...

It's a hard role to fill sometimes but I always remember an article I read that said your children save up their emotions or their safe person. It's okay to cry with you - so they do. Thankfully we get lots of the other emotions too.

kmom said...

So glad Olivia is progressing with swim lessons! She's growing up so fast!

lizcannon said...

i love reading the crazy things she says... love love love

lauren and brad said...

I am crying.

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