Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Rest of the Weekend

After the pool party Friday we came home to kiss Ryan goodbye as he headed out on the men's retreat with other dudes from church. They have to retreat every now and then to remind us why we don't want to be single moms :) We moms banded together for some outdoor fun while the men folk were away. I only have pics of the kids though.

Fun with Sprinklers!

Then Saturday afternoon we got to attend Keely's awesome 3rd bday party. 
Her mom jokingly said the theme was "messy outdoor fun" and it was! 
They made the awesome water mat thing that everyone's seen on Pinterest. 
Liv was scared of it but I thought it was cool and wanted to nap on it. She made up for her fear of the giant water bed by spending extra time at the shaving cream table. 
She loved this! 
There was also sandbox fun with blue sand! 
And I spent time chilling with my man who would never retreat....Todd. 
These ladies crawled up to steal him away from me though. 
They don't love you like I love you Toddy. 
 Saturday evening we headed back to the festival one more time for Joey's pizza, live music, sno-cones and of course that splash pad!

This girl makes fast friends with strangers and I hope she carries that trait throughout her life.

It was a busy but fun weekend and that didn't even include the Memorial Marathon--which we didn't participate in, or the exciting Thunder game---which we didn't watch, or the JBF consignment sale---of course I did that!

We also managed to work on the kitchen somehow in the time between all these events....I promise pics in the next post!


kmom said...

Fun looking birthday party with a huge cake. You all had a great weekend!

kmom said...

You have GRASS leading off your patio!

Anonymous said...

So glad she didn't take a big ole' lick of that shaving cream. What a fun birthday party! I love her braided pig tails. Love, Gma aka Mom

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