Monday, June 18, 2012

Educated in a small town, Taught to fear Jesus in a small town

My dad has an awesome camera so when I go to TN instead of taking mine, I just use his. The only problem is I have to remember to upload the pics before I leave and I forgot to do that! Whoops! So until he can mail me the camera card....You will have to make do with just the first few days worth of pics!
Grammy's kiddie pool got lots of good use especially when you put the plastic slide into it! 
We walked around the pond a few times while we were home, and Liv found a nasty rubber fishing lure that quickly became her favorite toy while we were there. She even accidentally ripped it in half but still wanted it in her pocket at all times. Gross. This picture is her running the worm up Pop's head.
Uncle Randy worked on her tricycle riding skills the correct way
And Aunt Amy worked on the incorrect way. I oughta punch you for this Amy! Or just send you the ER bill if she breaks a leg!
Many rounds of Settlers were played.
And there was lots of quality time with baby Madelynn! 
I love her eyebrows.
Oh yeah and her mom was there too :)
And Liv got her quality time in with Amy and Joe
Poppa gets an ipad lesson from Liv.
Stay tuned for more pics....but it might take a few more days....

(title brought to you by John Mellencamp's song lyrics in Small Town)


kmom said...

I've been missing Katie and Olivia. We had great fun! Grammy

Anonymous said...

Love John Mellencamp. And especially love the picture of the daredevil Olivia on the trike with Aunt Amy. Looking forward to more pics. Love, Mom aka Gma

ktsdad said...

Well, at least, when I taught you and Amy the "daredevil tricks" I took you to the church parking lot where Mom couldn't watch and taught you that this was one of those things we don't tell Mom :-)

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